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Comment: Re:Jamming unlinced spectrum is illegal? (Score 1) 278 278

I don't think you completely understand Air Marshal. Or maybe I do. What do you think?

Air Marshal is recognizing a client is on the LAN by way of a non-Meraki AP, and then sending that client an 802.11n de-auth, so that it doesn't work, and the man in the middle attack is stopped. It doesn't interfere or attack other AP's. Basically, in order for this to work, the rogue AP has to be connecting into the Meraki network.

Am I wrong? That's how I read the whitepaper.

Comment: Re:Statistics as standalone field (Score 1) 115 115

it seems to me that statisticians are CS overlapping with practical insight.

When a report is prepared, it takes consideration to define all of the inputs and modifiers that lead to a successful statistical analysis. Without this hard-to-define inputs, i can see how and why a CS-only based approach to stats fails.

Comment: Re:Want to code? (Score 2, Interesting) 548 548

That's what women would have you believe, but they are experts in manipulating men to feel we're in charge. It's not the case, women have been running the show for the entire time. They are just smart enough to understand the value of subtle action, and humble enough to not demand credit.

Comment: nonsense (Score 4, Insightful) 398 398

Sterling never did anything illegal, he was just an old biggoted man. There exists no punishment society can inflict on him beyond personal actions like boycotting or just not liking him... So what gives? Why do people think that he can be robbed of an asset for being a biggot?

He has first amendment protections to be as big of a douchebag as he wants. His privacy was violated by his mistress and he was doing nothing illegal. The NBA has no grounds to force him out or deny him profit from the sale of an asset he shouldn't be forced to sell.

Comment: Re:They got $600K for free. (Score 2) 61 61

i think hes serious but you're missing his point.

I don't like kickstarter, because in the end, your funding is to purchase /something/ be it a product, a service, a unique bauble or something special the kickstarter folks can provide you. you are not buying shares, you are simply helping provide the market for a companies to-be-delivered-in-the-future project.

not reaching a goal is not necessarily a failure to fund, more like proving that the market never really existed. publicity failure can be a reason, but in the end, a kickstarter is not an investment mechanism, it's a futures-market for product.

Comment: Re:Fucking Casuals. (Score 4, Informative) 303 303

Even if you check the bid/ask price, without HFT there's a conceivable chance for your buy order to be filled for less than your limit, but with HFT the cheaper stock is exhausted and your order filled at the buy price.

Sounds silly, but pennies matter to these people due to volume and that's what's occurring.

Comment: reduce the amount (Score 3, Interesting) 983 983

At home, I didn't feel like paying for 2 large arrays to store my data, so if I rip any media, I always rip it to DIVX. 800 MB for a DVD or even bluray rip is a great economy, saves me money on primary storage and also enables me to back it up. I accept the loss of quality as I can always reference the original media if I want.

Another option in the future may be subscription services which have HD content, thus eliminating my need to roll my own. We'll see what happens there.

Comment: copy paste (Score 2) 248 248

copy paste from a forum poster at the link:
@ Roly final thought
By LW on Sunday, Jul 28th 2013 15:45Z

+++Failure to use all available aids, even during a routine VFR approach is a crew or training issue.+++

Planes don't fly themselves... yet. An experienced and attentive pilot is still necessary, who'd have thought?

Comment: Re:I don't buy it. (Score 1) 863 863

I agree with what you're saying, and I want to add that I think the PC buying cycle with go through the roof once Windows XP reaches official EOL in 2Q 2014. I have tons of customers who are running XP machines who will finally be compelled to buy shiny new Windows 8 boxes. 2Q 2014 is going to be HUGE. There's a lot of pent up demand. All of my customers CANNOT leave windows. A small percentage can, but most are vendor locked in by their CRM vendor of choice. The whole ecosystem is Microsoft and it will be at least 1 or 2 more cycles before the majority of LOB vendors will even be close to platform agnostic.

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