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Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265

I didn't miss it actually, it's something I thought was blatantly obvious. Law enforcement evaluating the situation after four hours is an entirely reasonable thing to do. And law enforcement is going to mighty pissed if a doctor keeps detaining patients abusively.

There is saying, "there is no situation so bad that a cop can't make worse."

By getting local law enforcement involved, the person is likely to either be shot, injured and at least put into the system.

We're not just talking about some guy that is in a rampage, this could be used for any sort of statements or behaviors that the doctor may interpret as questionable.

Comment Re:DailyWail (Score 1) 371

She claimed that she wrote for the Daily Mail, so its sort of bizarre that you're blindly defending her.

BTW, the Daily Mail checked with their accounting department and other internal record searches and she had never written for them. If the Daily Mail is lying, wouldn't you be able to produce an article?

Comment Re:London born & bred (Score 1) 410

London is unique in the fact that it has everything from every place you could ever imagine. London evolved as a series of smaller villages ("hamlets") that all had their own unique characteristics that slowly grew to merge together. Combine that with the British empire and the way the country was in essence founded over many centuries of immigration..

How is that "unique"? New York evolved in the exact same manner.

Almost all major western cities evolved by smaller units merged together as immigration swelled the population. That's why larger western cities tend to be more diverse than smaller ones.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

Depends on who you're buying from. My Father purchases his lumber from an Amish lumber yard. They cut all their own lumber and anything you buy from them will be the size it is labeled as, if not slightly larger, and frequently cheaper than you can get elsewhere. My Father loves it and goes at least 40 minutes out of his way to do business with them

That is not a benefit as it makes the lumber a non-standard size.

Comment Re:Hobbit (Score 1) 278

A cold near-vacuum is far different than a cold environment with high air pressure though. Keeping warm is not nearly as big of a challenge in a cold near-vacuum as heat transfer is minimized. Wind chill is a huge factor in Antarctica and almost non-existent on Mars.

A much better "proving grounds" location would be a very arid, high altitude desert like the Atacama Desert in South America.

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