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Comment: Re:Obvious problems (Score 1) 238

The main problem with autonomous driving is the legal liability. The problems above still introduce the legal liability, yet without the major benefits from a broader system. I think the industry will simply skip over this straight to broader systems.

Liability isn't too much of a problem in my opinion. Insurance will cover any issues, and rates will change based on the performance of the autopilot. As long as the autopilot performs equally as well as drivers across the entire set of cars insured, then the insurance rates will be the same, people will pay the same rates, and insurance companies will shell out the same payments. An accident wouldn't cause rates to go up, but good driving records wouldn't bring the rates down, and everyone would pay rates based on the area they live and drive in. A horrible autopilot would be detected quickly by insurance companies, and that would be the fault of the manufacturer, a poorly modded autopilot or poorly maintained vehicle would also show up as an anomaly and would be the fault of the owner. Uninsured drivers would be responsible for themselves.

Comment: Re:Wait (Score 1) 483

by Jeff Carr (#33319586) Attached to: Building a Traffic Radar System To Catch Reckless Drivers?

You need to get the police enforcing the laws, you need to get a system with minimal corruption, you need to educate drivers on why they need to obey the laws, you need people to shame bad drivers.

Bogota hired a few hundred mimes about 6 years ago to make fun of people breaking traffic laws. It was reported to be quite effective actually as the people were more apt to change their behavior because of shame then because of fines. Probably much cheaper than radar as well.

Comment: Make something, anything. (Score 1) 527

by Jeff Carr (#33253046) Attached to: Preserving Memories of a Loved One?
Videos, pictures, and text is fantastic, and I'm glad you're capturing that. However, our most personal recording device is our brain as it captures emotions as well. I'd encourage her to make something for each of your daughters. It doesn't matter what it is, a drawing ,a knick knack, a story in a bound book, a little table, it doesn't matter a bit. It just has to be a thing that will be there and remind them of her. Digital information is great, and I love technology as much as the last person on /. but they are no substitute for memories brought on by something tangible that you can hold and was created by someone.

Comment: Re:So, just plastics and lube then? (Score 2, Informative) 152

by Jeff Carr (#33116870) Attached to: Boeing's Hybrid Electric Airliner of the Future

I don't see where hybrids help here.

I can see where they could use stored electricity to shut engines off when landing to reduce noise, charge at the gate, and take off without engines as well.

That alone wouldn't affect efficiency necessarily, but would probably allow the use of louder engine types that might be able to reduce efficiency, and it would reduce the opposition to airports allowing them to be placed in better locations.

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