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Comment: Re:Deal still subject to regulatory approval (Score 1) 748

by Jedi1USA (#35553432) Attached to: AT&T To Acquire T-Mobile From Deutsche Telekom

Same here. I had good service with Cingular, but as soon as AT&T took over....instant rate increase and f*ck you from customer service. Switched to T-Mobile and sacrificed some coverage, but overall I have been happy with T-Mobile.

There is no way in hell I'll do business with AT&T again.

Looks like we have about 6mo to a year to find a new non-AT&T carrier. Hopefully their competitors will offer some good switch over deals.

Comment: Re:Oh, get real. (Score 5, Interesting) 484

by Jedi1USA (#29239025) Attached to: Solar Roadways Get DoT Funding

One other problem with concrete is that at the "seams" (not to mention the cracks) between panels water can get through to the ground underneath. This can lead to localized soil expansion/contraction which causes stress on the concrete and accelerates the deterioration. If a lot of water gets through the ground can be unstable enough to allow the panels to "rock" then they don't line up evenly any more. I would think these large glass panels could be susceptible to the same problem.

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