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Submission + - Microsoft claims Vista more secure than Linux, OSX->

SwordsmanLuke writes: Microsoft has just released a report comparing bugs located and fixed in several OSes over a 6 month period. According to the report, Windows Vista is the most secure operating system in their survey, beating out Ubuntu, OSX, and others. It is worth noting that the test was performed by a member of Microsoft's Security Business unit, which seems a bit suspect, but the report (PDF linked from TFA) is still worth a read.
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Comment Re:This might be... (Score 1) 608

Isn't it better to compare by population density rather then size?
Sure it isn't a surprise that the Netherlands is in the top with a population density of 392 people per square kilometer, but let's check the other top countries.

Population per square kilometer:
United States: 31
Sweden: 20
Finland: 15.5
Norway: 12
Iceland: 2.9 population_density

Oh, and TFA uses OECD statistics from 2001.
The 2005 statistics are here:,2340,en_2649_374 41_36459431_1_1_1_37441,00.html

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