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Comment: Re:They still exist? (Score 1) 300

by Jbcarpen (#46900047) Attached to: Yahoo Stops Honoring 'Do-Not-Track' Settings

After the latest Firefox update, though, typing a search in the address field doesn't go to my preferred (in settings) search engine, but instead to Yahoo.

Firefox stores data about which search engine to use in a set of XML files. If something else gains access to those files, it can edit them to keep the name and icon of, e.g. google, but send the actual search to goatse (or wherever). If you delete the files, then the "restore defaults" button on the "manage search engines" panel will enable, and restore the originals.

Comment: Re:What for? (Score 1) 68

by Jbcarpen (#37587526) Attached to: Privacy Groups Ask FTC For Facebook Investigation
Because they keep changing which options are available, what the defaults are, and what the settings mean. Then they also reset to default when they change something. So if you want to have the privacy settings turned up in facebook then you need to check all the settings on a regular basis. You also need to not play any of the facebook games, since a lot of them are just given the same permissions with your account that you are. (unless they've "fixed" this last bit again. It's been how many times now?)

Comment: Re:It's contagious, all right (Score 1) 627

by Jbcarpen (#37390962) Attached to: "Wi-Fi Refugees" Shelter in West Virginia Mountains

My 6 year old daughter tests as having an extreme allergy to peanuts. As per doctors orders she hasn't been exposed to peanuts and always has an injector for emergencies (which is a real pain at school since they have a no-drugs policy that won't even let them have emergency medicines).

Zero tolerance policies have officially gone too far.

She loves everything fluffy, but prefers dogs over cats.

Good girl, cats are evil.

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