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Comment Escort (Score -1) 275 275

I wonder how viable it would be to just quietly escort flights in that region with stealth aircraft for a while to determine what's actually happening.

Three aircraft, in a short time frame, in a small portion of the globe. Yes, we know one was shot down, but that clustering trips my bullshit detector, even for the other two.

Comment Re:Old News (Score 1) 172 172

While I don't think non-donors should just be left out in the cold, I do think that donors should get priority over non-donors when it comes to receiving donations. (Exceptions for those who have never been able to donate, such as children, anemics, hemophiliacs, etc...)

Comment Re:They still exist? (Score 1) 300 300

After the latest Firefox update, though, typing a search in the address field doesn't go to my preferred (in settings) search engine, but instead to Yahoo.

Firefox stores data about which search engine to use in a set of XML files. If something else gains access to those files, it can edit them to keep the name and icon of, e.g. google, but send the actual search to goatse (or wherever). If you delete the files, then the "restore defaults" button on the "manage search engines" panel will enable, and restore the originals.

Comment Re:Unless the phone can copy files (Score 1) 69 69

Exactly. If someone who HAD access to that data wanted to break security it would be trivial. The point of this technology is that if they forget to delete the data when they're one with it, it will do it for them. It's for the benefit of non-technologically-inclined people.

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