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Comment: Re:Same Old Math Error (Score 1) 165 165

by Jayr (#14851797) Attached to: US Government Studies Open Source Quality
Well, I suppose that would work. But such padding would show up pretty obviously in the analysis, don't you think? I doubt many projects optimize for defects/kloc by adding worthless code instead of just writing better code.

A measure has to be made here, and although defects/kloc can be gamed, it's pretty obvious when such gaming has occurred.

Comment: Re:100,000 personnel (Score 5, Informative) 407 407

by program21 (#14395599) Attached to: French Military Police Switches to Firefox
From Wikipedia:
The total number of military personnel is approximately 300,000. However, 100,000 of these are in the Gendarmerie, and thus a vast majority of these 100,000 are used in everyday law enforcement operation inside France and are not fit for external operations.

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