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+ - Atlas: Fully Immersive Virtual Reality just got 1000 times less expensive->

Submitted by wintersynth
wintersynth (915045) writes "Atlas is a system that turns an Oculus Rift and any open physical space into a virtual reality playing field. It uses optical tracking and sensor fusion, so you can literally walk around in virtual reality, whether it's for education, laser tag on crack, or a fantasy adventure."
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Comment: Re:Each sex is defined by the needs of the other (Score 1) 834

by JayBees (#28848267) Attached to: Are Women Getting More Beautiful?

Believe it or not, that's false. Your HR department would have you believe otherwise, but in the United States the National Labor Relations Act makes it illegal to fire workers for revealing their salaries. I believe the only exception is if you do it during working hours and/or on company property. On the other hand, I'm not a lawyer, do don't blame me if you get your ass fired.

Comment: Re:Analysuis done about 10 years (Score 1) 321

by JayBees (#26935677) Attached to: Atlantis Seekers Given Thrill by Google Ocean

Can you explain B a little more? You're saying hypothetically the nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea attained more advanced metal-making abilities than their neighbors because...why? Because before it was a seabed, the underlying land was rich in metals they could turn into gold and high-carbon-silicon steel?

And if that's the case, is the modern seabed also rich in these metals? What's the evidence against Welles' theory?

Comment: Scientists already know why plants are green (Score 4, Informative) 278

by JayBees (#18868989) Attached to: When the Earth Was Purple
It's pretty obvious once you know the argument. It's due to light-scattering. There's so much energy in the sky all day that it doesn't matter what color you absorb, there's plenty at any visible wavelength. But during sunset and sunrise there's predominantly red light in the sky, and a green plant would be more efficient at absorbing red light (they're complementary colors) than if the plant were another color. This blog entry goes into it: view&FriendID=187945&blogMonth=9&blogDay=24&blogYe ar=2006

Sentient plasmoids are a gas.