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Comment: Re:Professional languages (Score 1) 182

by Javagator (#42700555) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Job Search Or More Education?
managed some large business application development projects

There are business applications, and what I would call technical applications such as image processing, geographic information systems, numerical analysis, etc. I work for a large company that does the latter, and every project that I am aware of uses C++.

Comment: Re:Does Microsoft make bad versions deliberately? (Score 4, Insightful) 610

by Javagator (#42496401) Attached to: 'Gorilla Arm' Will Keep Touch Screens From Taking Over
Microsoft has an internal policy of deliberately making bad versions of Windows to increase sales

You make it sound like Windows 8 is a stroke of marketing genius instead of a case of user interface design stupidity. I’ll put my money on stupidity.

Comment: Re:Are you an engineer? (Score 1) 333

I live in the U.S where most software development related degrees are called "Computer Science". My current title is "Software Developer". I have seen companies where people doing the same thing I am have the title "Software Engineer". I don't think the title has any correlation with what you do at work.

Comment: Re:My Experience (Score 1) 265

by Javagator (#40434525) Attached to: Teaching Natural Sciences To Social Science Students?
Perhaps you'll be good enough to propose several alternative hypotheses
  • 1. The good test scores were primariy made by the math and science majors.
  • 2. The good test scores were primariy made by the psyc majors.
  • 3. The good test scores were evenly distributed among the various majors.
  • 4.I'm delusional and I just imagined this whole thing.

I'm putting all my money on hypothesis one.

Comment: My Experience (Score 1) 265

by Javagator (#40433129) Attached to: Teaching Natural Sciences To Social Science Students?

I don’t mean for this to sound arrogant, but it probably will. I was a physics major who took a statistics course that was taught in the Psychology Department and meant for psychology students. A lot of science and math majors took the course as a way to pad their GPA’s. I could see from the books the other students brought to class that about one forth of the students were science or math majors. I think I made about a 96 on the first test and was embarrassed at the thing I missed. The class average was 48 or something. The grad student teaching the course said that maybe the test was too hard, but “there were a lot of very good grades”. I have a feeling that not many of the good grades were made by the psych majors.

If I were teaching the course, I would probably emphasize the purpose of the various statistical techniques for behavioral evaluation, and not make the math portion too detailed or rigorous.

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