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Comment: Pirate Party in 4 regional parliaments (Score 4, Interesting) 136

by JasperKlewer (#40993921) Attached to: German Court: ISPs Must Hand Over File Sharer Info
The influence of big media companies on the judicial system is exactly the reason why the German Pirate Party now has seats in 4 out of the 16 regional parliaments. My German friends say they feel oppressed by the legal harassment they face from law firms, extorting money from ordinary citizens in return for not being sued for large sums of money.

Comment: We tried it in Holland and it doesn't work (Score 1) 295

We tried this in Holland and it doesn't work. 200 cameras were installed in the Rotterdam region to catch criminals, but a recent report showed the police is NOT using it to catch criminals, because they have no clue what to do with all the data. Instead, the tax agency uses the cameras to go after unpaid taxes and unpaid fines. Installing cameras will lead to function creep, loss of privacy and another step towards a POLICE STATE. See

Comment: Standard practice for prostate cancer already (Score 2) 64

by JasperKlewer (#39569065) Attached to: UK Surgeons Are the First To Operate In 3D
Prostate cancer surgery and hysterectomies is already done with robots and 3D vision. 80% of prostatectomies in the US are done with the "Da Vinci" robot in a procedure called Robot Assisted Laparascopic Prostatectomy. The surgeon operates the robot through a console with 3D vision.

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