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Comment: Re:My mobile phone will last a couple of days (Score 1) 328

by Jasonjk74 (#35264592) Attached to: In case of a blackout, batteries etc. will give me ...
Your devoid of context malapropism is a common symptom of troll-like tendencies. I believe you meant to say "delusions of grandeur". Unlike you, my identity is not dependent on which corporation's logo is on my devices, therefore I would have also classified a WP7, Android, etc, phone as a computer. Thanks for playing.

Comment: Re:One, but I want more! MORE! (Score 1) 674

by Jasonjk74 (#33117640) Attached to: How many languages do you speak on a daily basis?
Everyone always says that; "it's impossible to learn a language unless you go to that country". That is not true. While it would be nice, and advantageous to do so, not everyone has the luxury of being able to fly around the world. It is possible to learn on your own, it just requires drive/interest and creativity.

Comment: Re:I'd be happy if pirates* would acknowledge... (Score 0, Troll) 259

by Jasonjk74 (#24267741) Attached to: Companies Coming Around To Piracy's Upside?
You are not very bright, are you? When you steal copyrighted material, you are stealing, regardless of your pathetic stale nonsense about no theft taking place due to the author not being deprived of the original. You have no business taking something you are not entitled to. You try creating something, get your "facts" straight, then reply to me with your vacuous nonsense. Which is why you need to be modded an insipid moron.

Nancy Pelosi vs. the Internet 561

Posted by timothy
from the but-nancy-pelosi-was-in-the-other-room dept.
selil writes "A story popped up on the ChicagoBoyz Blog. It says 'Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who would like very much to reimpose the old, so-called, "Fairness Doctrine" that once censored conservative opinion on television and radio broadcasting, is scheming to impose rules barring any member of Congress from posting opinions on any internet site without first obtaining prior approval from the Democratic leadership of Congress. No blogs, twitter, online forums — nothing.'"

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