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Comment Re:Get a degree (Score 1) 444

Referential Integrity was a term I understood

Getting a degree has absolutely nothing to do with that, I'm sorry but if you have done any kind of real work with databases and don't know what referential integrity means with or without a degree then you are doing it wrong.

Getting a degree also tells prospective employers that you're a finisher. You don't just start stuff and bail when it gets scary. You don't give up on a project because parts of it are hard or unpleasant. I know some employers who don't care what degree you've got, as long as you've got one.

If you want an employer's respect, there is no quick and easy way to win it. You have to do the really hard stuff to prove that you can do the really hard stuff..

I hate that kind of thinking with a passion, getting a degree is not hard, I'm sorry if that insults anyone with a degree but getting a degree doesn't prove anything other than the fact you can study for a test and write the odd essay.

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