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Comment: But it's fun! (Score 5, Funny) 98

by JarekC (#41541709) Attached to: Why Klout's Social Influence Scores Are Nonsense
C'mon, Klout is fun! Exactly because its metrics are so bizarre, it's really fun to check out yours and your friends' score, and compare it with some well known people. At my workplace we do it like every couple of days, and its like watching Monty Python. You can't keep a straight face when for example a guy sitting in the next cubicle suddenly turns out to be - according to Klout - more influential then the company CEO.

+ - Force Dell to give the user a choice of Ubuntu or Windows on all desktops...->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It is common knowledge that Dell, HP and other OEM PC manufacturers are currently engaged in a commercial conspiracy with Microsoft to deprive consumers of the ability buy laptops and desktops with alternative OS's to ensure a perpetual and complete Windows OS monopoly on all non-Apple hardware. Windows 8 Logo certification for OEM's will also include putting UEFI Secure Boot on all BIOS chips ensuring that all future laptops and desktops are locked down to prevent users from using or installing alternative operating systems, supporting the monopoly.

Dell has a special forum called "Ideastorm" where consumers can post product ideas and sometimes Dell responds directly such as the recent Project Sputnik laptop idea where they plan on making a special Ubuntu laptop for Web Developers. Recently a friend of mine posted an idea on Ideastorm to require Dell to make Ubuntu, Red Hat or Fedora available on all Dell Desktops and Laptops and provide driver support for them. I would love for Slashdot readers to support his idea and up-vote it and provide comments so that Dell will respond directly to this problem...

Click here to view the ideastorm entry and make comments so that Dell knows that we are fed up and sick and tired of their die hard support of the Windows Monopoly and to finally open up their machines and allow more user choice...


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+ - Wind Map project brings Americas hidden winds into view ->

Submitted by
techfun89 writes "They say seeing is believing and that is just what the Wind Map does. The Wind Map is an art project found on that was founded by Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg who also lead Google's "Big Picture" visualization research group in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Wind Map shows the winds as they flow across the United States. Surface wind data is taken from the National Digital Forecast Database. The data is revised once per hour. This effectively makes what you see a live portrait."

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The Military

+ - DARPA is pushing big data on the military->

Submitted by
sarfralogy writes "Armed with a 1.8 gigapixel camera rig, A U.S. Army Hummingbird copters over Afghanistan looking for suspicious insurgent activity. On board, a robo cameraman called ARGUS pulls focus on 36 square miles and shoots six petabytes of video – all in a day’s work. Somewhere in that ocean of media, a military spy mission is accomplished. Somewhere on the ground, a bleary-eyed analyst stares at six petabytes of what the military calls Death TV. It’s not a wrap. And there will be a mountain more tomorrow, generated by other drones, blimps, spy planes and covert cameras patrolling the Afghan countryside, looking for the perfect shot. Air Force, Army – and even Homeland Security – now boast Hollywood technology, but can’t scale qualified personnel fast enough to view, process and communicate the montage of surveillance footage piling up in the name of freedom.
The U.S. Military has a big data problem. And DARPA, the neo-Frankenstein brains behind national security, has been trying to fix it through the Mind’s Eye, a brainy collective tasked to develop machine-based visual intelligence. And, as part of President Obama’s “Big Data Initiative,” DARPA has a new project called XDATA in March, a DoD related program focused on developing computational techniques and software tools for processing and analyzing large volumes of mission-oriented data collected by federal agencies. If they can build a flying humvee, maybe DARPA has enough imagination to transform big data into a strategic differentiator."

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Emulation (Games)

+ - RetroArch - Bringing the Ultimate Emulation to PS3, 360 and Wii->

Submitted by YokimaSun
YokimaSun (930294) writes "RetroArch is a new Multi System emulator that supports emulators for systems such Snes, GBA, Sega Genesis, Master System, Sega Game Gear, Nes and the Final Burn Games and finally support for PRboom the Doom Clone.What makes this more impressive is the fact its released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii (soon) and also Windows"
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Comment: Vasily Degtyaryov and Vladimir Fyodorov (Score 1) 542

by JarekC (#40079023) Attached to: Of currently dead inventors, my favorite is ...
A lot of famous people mentioned in the comments did not really invent anything, but rather discovered things, such as laws of physics or natural phenomena. However, Vasily Degtyaryov and Vladimir Fyodor actually invented something, namely the first fully functional automatic rifle, predecessor to all currently used assault rifles. It's a pity almost nobody heard about them, while mostly everyone knows Kalashnikov, even though AL would not be possible without Degtyaryov and Fyodorov.

Comment: Re:the end of timezones? (Score 1) 433

by JarekC (#37629572) Attached to: Civil Suit Filed, Involving the Time Zone Database
It's not that easy. People would still like to go to work in the morning and get back home in the afternoon. But that, depending on where they live, would mean they start their work day on one calendar day and finish it on the next one. That would be difficult to handle by HR / payroll departments, especially for companies which are not used to deal with night shifts. For example if you want a day off, which day that would be: the one you start your work, the one you end, or both?

+ - Speden on open source and Autodesk partnership->

Submitted by
inkslinger77 writes "Autodesk's Liam Speden tells PC World that the open source community and Autodesk can work together to make sense of the surge in location enabled and spatially aware information. The interview follows Autodesk's recently announced plans to donate its coordinate system (CS) and map projection technology to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). "Coordinate systems evolve like the data and applications that use them. For example, GPS (Global Positioning System) uses a 3D coordinate system that evolved from more traditional 2D methods to more accurately reflect the needs and abilities of satellite positioning technology. In the future, coordinate systems will incorporate additional factors such as time, as this is increasingly a key feature of location based services and social and community networking. This is needed to support searches that answer not only the questions "what and where" but "what, where, and when"," says Speden."
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Fake Codec is Mac OS X Trojan 473

Posted by Zonk
from the search-safely dept.
Kenny A. writes "Multiple news organisations are reporting on an in-the-wild Mac OS X malware attack that uses porn lures to plant phishing Trojans on Mac machines. The attack site attempts to trick users into download a disk image (.dmg) file disguised as a codec that's required for viewing the video. If the Mac machine's browser is set to to open 'Safe' files after downloading, the .dmg gets mounted and the Installer is launched. The target must click through a series of screens to become infected but once the Trojan is installed, it has full control of the machine."
Media (Apple)

+ - Asterisk ported to iPhone

Submitted by
Syn Ack
Syn Ack writes "One of the engineers that works in my office spent his weekend porting Asterisk for running on the iPhone. It was done in one weekend. His webpage can be found here with all the details. For obvious reasons Asterisk can't interact with the GSM phone, but he does have it working with SIP phones. A wireless PBX in your pocket! We're not sure what value this has other than showing people just how far you can take an iPhone. If only Apple would open the environment up to development. So if you want a "PBX in your pocket" go grab Matt's code and give it a try."

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