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Comment Re:This is stupid ... (Score 1) 143

I think the mistake was trying to use a fixed time-period for seconds. It might work for angles, but it's a mess when it comes to variable lengths like days or years. The second should just be a fixed fraction of today or the current year, and we should give up a conflating it with a unit of time. The SI "second" is a good unit time, similar to a second, and badly named.

Comment Re:Financial Motivation (Score -1, Flamebait) 195

Has Microsoft US even told Microsoft Ireland to give them the data? Or are they using this bullshit sovereignty excuse to avoid doing so? it's only when MS Ireland refuse to do so because of local (Irish) laws that there's a sovereignty issue. MS US can't force MS Ireland to break laws in Ireland. At that point though, MS US is in the clear because it's done all it can.

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