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Comment Re:Just ducky (Score 2) 483 483

My experience was also good for the most part.

Clean installed Windows 10 Home on a new SSD which worked but I couldn't activate it. Upgraded my Windows 7 installation and activated Windows 10 on that. Went back to my new SSD and reinstalled Windows 10. It then activated. No problems with installing things on it, including the latest nVIDIA drivers (353.60).

Comment Re:A plea to fuck off. (Score 1) 365 365

A password BOOK doesn't even need to be cracked, so it's not a solution to that problem - it's got the same problems as before PLUS it's not secured at all.

A password book can't be remotely accessed. That's a considerable security feature. You'll always have a local vunerability.

Comment Re:I thought Hawking said we should avoid aliens.. (Score 1) 208 208

One of the reasons it was bad for the native Americans is that they were both competing for the same resources. What resource is there on Earth, that an alien race can't get from a million other planets instead? Life? Easier to grow it locally.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549 549

I wouldn't assume that even if more US drivers were involved in rear-end collisions. US roads are simply different to UK roads. Long, straight, and intersected by, err..., intersections. Perfect for not paying too much attention to your driving and rear-ending something at the next stop.

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