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Comment: Re:Biologists haven't seen it this way for a while (Score 2, Insightful) 337 337

by Jamamala (#31333294) Attached to: The Role of Human Culture In Natural Selection
Anything thing that removes a selection pressure is going to increase the rate of evolution, not decrease it. By removing that pressure, you have reduced the punishment for a bad mutation. Therefore, any new mutations are more likely to be passed down, increasing the observed rate of genetic change.

Comment: Re:Underwater Fiber (Score 1) 406 406

by Jamamala (#29377235) Attached to: Pigeon Turns Out To Be Faster Than S. African Net
Perhaps the network is congested with traffic going to other continents travelling across the same networks as used for this experiment. Once the fiber is installed then this international traffic will be routed more efficiently to the outside world, lowering network congestion and allowing higher speeds to transfers between peers in SA.

Comment: Re:Your problem being? (Score 1) 329 329

by Jamamala (#29237117) Attached to: FBI Investigating Mystery Laptops Sent to US Governors
Don't forget that the BIOS can act as a vector, and even that fairly exotic CPU rootkit that made the news a few months ago could be used. These are possibly lucrative targets - high enough up to get juicy information, and perhaps the malicious party imagined that they wouldn't be quite high enough up for them not to use the laptops.

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