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+ - Female scientists recogised on Wikpedia->

Submitted by Jalfro
Jalfro (1025153) writes "Women scientists who have largely been written out of history are finally being recognised on Wikipedia. In a project organised jointly by the Royal Society, Wikimedia UK and the organisers of Ada Lovelace Day, Wikipedia entries for female contributers to science are being extended or often included for the first time.

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the achievements of the 19th Century author of the first known computer algorithm."

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Comment: Re:Too much control agenda (Score 1) 606

by Jalfro (#41620703) Attached to: UK Man Arrested For Offensive Joke Posted On Facebook

I then read your next line and must conclude that you are willing to equate desecration of Jewish cemeteries (presumably to incite the Nazi knee-jerk response) with someone REPOSTING SOMETHING THEY FOUND to Facebook

I equate the desecration of Jewish cemeteries with the posting of an offensive remark on a web page dedicated to a young child who has been murdered. They both have the same motivation - to upset the bereaved.

Fortunately, we do not let the people who feel themselves directly harmed decide upon criminal punishments.

The parent was saying that AS A SOCIETY we should ignore it, not that the people directly involved would be able to do so.

I am not suggesting that those directly harmed should decide the punishment, but that in deciding the punishment society should take into account the feelings of those directly harmed.

Social Networks

+ - Diaspora is dead! Long live diaspora!->

Submitted by Jalfro
Jalfro (1025153) writes "Following premature rumours of it's demise, the Diaspora core team announce the release of "It’s been a couple of exciting months for us as we’ve shifted over to a model of community governance. After switching over to SemVer for our versioning system, and plugging away at fixing code through our new unstable branch, we’re excited to make our first release beyond the Alpha/Beta labels.""
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+ - Unredacted documents in Apple/Samsung case, no evidence of 'copy' instruction->

Submitted by another random user
another random user (2645241) writes "Previously redacted documents presented in the Apple-Samsung case seem not to offer actual evidence that Samsung told its designers to copy the iPhone.

Documents that have now been unredacted seem to show that there was never any 'copy apple' instruction. There was a push towards things that would be different, such as what is now seen in the Galaxy S3: "Our biggest asset is our screen. It is very important that we make screen size bigger, and in the future mobile phones will absorb even the function of e-books."

Groklaw suggests, rather shockingly, that Apple's lawyers might have been a little selective in how they presented some of this evidence to the court, by picking little parts of it that offered a different shade of nuance."

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+ - UK Broadband Plan Set To Clear EU Approval ->

Submitted by
judgecorp writes "The British government's plan to subsidise rural broadband in the UK is about to get approval from the European Union, even though every contract so far has been awarded to BT, according to sources. The Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) project has been examined under EU state aid rules, but apparently has passed despite all the money going to one dominant telecom operator"
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+ - Will a Chromebook be your next PC?->

Submitted by dgharmon
dgharmon (2564621) writes "Sure, you could keep using Windows, although Windows 8 looks worse every time you look at it; or you could buy a Mac for big bucks; or you could buy a Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook starting at $449 and have a great Linux-based desktop that you already know how to use."
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+ - US congress rules Huawei a 'security threat'->

Submitted by dgharmon
dgharmon (2564621) writes "Chinese telecom company Huawei poses a security threat to the United States and should be barred from US contracts and acquisitions, a yearlong congressional investigation has concluded.

A draft of a report by the House Intelligence Committee said Huawei and another Chinese telecom, ZTE, "cannot be trusted" to be free of influence from Beijing and could be used to undermine US security."

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+ - The Case For The Blue Collar Coder 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "U.S. tech talent shortage discussions tend to focus on getting more young people to go to college to become CS grads. Nothing wrong with that, writes Anil Dash, but let's not forget about education which teaches mid-level programming as a skilled trade, suitable for apprenticeship and advancement in a way that parallels traditional trade skills like HVAC or welding. Dash encourages less of a focus on 'the next Zuckerberg' in favor of encouraging solid middle-class tech jobs that are primarily focused on creating and maintaining tech infrastructure in non-tech companies. Dash also suggests 'changing the conversation about recruiting technologists from the existing narrow priesthood of highly-skilled experts constantly chasing new technologies to productive workers getting the most out of widely-deployed platforms and frameworks.'"

+ - Where to find a customizable sunrise and sunset calendar? 1

Submitted by wideBlueSkies
wideBlueSkies (618979) writes "I've a little hobby of tracking the sunrise and sunsets and tides in my area (NYC). Basically I've been doing this with a spreadsheet sourced from 2 different places, merged by date.

I'd like to somehow turn this data into a wall calendar, along with the moon phases, and the usual smattering of holidays I can't seem to find any one calendar that has it all. An additional requirement is that I want to add personal meaningful days, (wedding anniversary, my kid's birthday, etc).

Does anyone know where I could find something like this?

Thanks in advance.

Happy Birthday /. . I've had membership for I think 10 years now, and was lurking for 3 or 4 before that. Things have changed a bit, but this is still one of my favorite sites on the intertubes."

Whom the gods would destroy, they first teach BASIC.