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Comment: Re:Not much of an improvement. (Score 1) 233

by Jackmon (#44886803) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews iOS 7

I agree with a whole lot of what you are saying, but I do think there is one non-fashion-trend reason to at least tone down skeumorphism, and that is pixel real estate. Drawing icons so that they look like realistic 3D objects requires more pixels. When you're on a phone with limited screen space, that's not the best idea. However, I'm not an absolutist here. Skeumorphism does help to clarify the meaning of things sometimes. If all you see is a colored rectangle, there's less that intuitively conveys interactivity suggestions such as 'you should push this'.

Hopefully things will tend to converge around a balanced approach.


Apple Wants Patent On Video Game-Based iBooks 104

Posted by Soulskill
from the making-your-own-stories dept.
theodp writes "Patently Apple reports that a new Apple patent application has surfaced describing an application that would record your personal journey through a video game and turn it into a custom comic or iBook when you're done playing. Imagine how thrilled little Billy's Mommy would have been if she only had the chance to read the story of her son's foray into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or see how he dealt with BioShock's Little Sisters."

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