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I'm on the flip side. I absolutely prefer the 16:10 aspect of my Android tablets over my iPad. Especially for apps that take advantage of 2 columns, like email and Firefox's browser -- which puts new windows down the left side. I'm the same for my desktops and absolutely prefer my MacBook Pro's- and Apple 30"'s 16:10 screen over any of my any 4:3 screen I've owned in the past.

So much content is optimized for widescreen these days and I hope Apple's next iPads finally makes move to 16:10(9)... I really don't want to support 4:3 anymore for any of my development work -- call me selfish.

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by JackAxe (#48176983) Attached to: Google Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK and Nexus Preview Images
You can easily replace the Launcher -- which is like the Finder on a Mac -- so the UI; 3rd party Launchers can even be downloaded from GooglePlay's store. You can also change out any Android's default components and use a 3rd party options. So a few examples, maps, browser, mail, of course keyboards, etc... You can even completely get rid of Google's options. Android does not force you to conform and even provides the tools for free that work on pretty much any computer so that you can change what you don't like -- given you have the know how.

And with Android, you can downgrade to an older OS and still be supported by Google's services, or pick and choose from the tons of 3rd party options if you don't want to use anything Google.

Android is easy to customize for most. Now for the person who thinks there child is a genius because they know how to launch an app, probably not, and they especially would not be able to downgrade an OS.

And experience always trumps assumptions -- which are generally based on bias -- so why not actually give Android a try and experience it for yourself?

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by JackAxe (#48096219) Attached to: The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made
You're calling him nuts, then go on to express your 'radical' opinion about how Apple's created some kind of GOD keyboard, since according to you it has now equal. If you want my internet-opinion -- so you'll get it regardless -- you're the one that's coming off as nuts.

I personally dislike Apple's Chicklet keyboards. IMO, their keyboards are just as much shit when compared to a good mechanical-keyboard as any other chicklet-option. When I work remotely all day and need my Mac, I carry along one of my mechanical keyboards. Apple has not made a good keyboard or mouse since the nineties IMO. I completely agree with the parent post.

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I use Corsairs options on my current Mac and PC. You can use any Windows keyboard on a Mac now days. I use my Corsair K90 is on my MacBook Pro. The "windows-key" just becomes the "command-key" and the "alt-key" becomes the "option-key."

I won't touch any newer Razer product -- especially their keyboards -- with a 10-foot-pole, not until they "truly" make their bullshit-cloud-based-drivers optional where as absolutely no log-in or online connection is needed; the offline mode is a joke, since you're forced to log-in just to even setup the mouse on any computer. My past 3 mice were Razers and my latest one is a Naga 2013, which is why I have such a sour taste about Razer. It caused installation problems with my PC at first, and then boot hanging problems with my Mac when I tried it on that system.

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by JackAxe (#48009977) Attached to: Consumer Reports: New iPhones Not As Bendy As Believed
I don't know why I'm responding to an AC that is in absolute denial and would like to blindly insult others, but this video disproves your claims:

The HTC One M8 does bend a bit, but does not break, where as an iPhone 6+ breaks and warps under less pressure.

Here's the iPhone 6+ bending under little pressure.

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by JackAxe (#47502279) Attached to: China Has More People Going Online With a Mobile Device Than a PC
Android accounts for about 80% of China's mobile, with Samsung having the largest chunk of about 24%. So, iOS's mobile internet use would be less than the remainder. BTW, Samsung's default browser reports itself as iOS when not in desktop mode.

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That's a paint package where as Photoshop encompasses pretty much everything including digital painting. The only alternative to Photoshop has been GIMP, but when compared to even much older versions of Photoshop, it's not that good; and CS2 is available from Adobe online for free now days.

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All styluses on the iPad still require touch( capacitive ) to track their position. The ones that have pressure-sensitivity built in, like Wacom's option, use Bluetooth to send the pressure data. And I think the parent post was referring to Adobe's iPad apps as being the problem and not properly supporting pressure-sensitivity.

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This is not true. You can develop Flash/AIR without paying a cent to Adobe and you don't even need to join their bullshit cloud service to do so.

You don't need to use Adobe Flash Builder -- which is bloated vomit now days -- to develop for Flash/AIR. Alternate IDEs like Flash Develop on PC are free and way better, or the best option by far is InteliJ IDEA, which is one of the best IDEs on the market IMO -- I use it for all of my development work web, AIR, etc..

And the SDK for AIR and Flash are completely free and there are open source versions available under Flex. Adobe also funds open source frameworks like Starling and Away3D that make development easier. You can download everything but Adobe Scout -- which is a profiler -- outside of their Cloud-vomit. But it is worth it to be part of their free cloud-service to gain access to Scout if you're doing development.

And I'm not a fan of Adobe now days, but don't blame them if some fuck is using Flash to deliver spyware, whatever, because that same fuck will do so using whatever avenue is available -- like the tons of background scripts that bloat up any site on load.

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by JackAxe (#46122839) Attached to: The Schizophrenic State of Software In 2014
AIR now days is excellent and has become a truly viable solution for mobile and desktop/web for pretty much any project. The best part, is that you can develop AIR apps without having to use Adobe's IDE Flash Builder, which has fallen to neglect on their part IMO. I use InteliJ IDEA for AIR( Android, iOS ), Java/Android, and all of my web dev. It handles ActionScript 3 like butter and has really streamlined the process of deploying to and debugging different targets.

Adobe provides the AIR SDKs for free without any sign-up and if you don't mind signing up with their EVIL Cloud service, their profiler Scout is available for free as part of the Gaming SDK. The Gaming SDK also includes open source frameworks like Starling and Away3D. And despite being called a gaming SDK, these are for the most part vanilla frameworks that will let you build anything -- but of course favor game dev -- and they can all be downloaded separately from GitHub.

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I'd go back to using Photoshop CS2 full time -- which is free -- than rent Photoshop or use GIMP again. I use CS2 on my PC since my newer license of Photoshop is only for my Mac. There really is nothing I can't do in CS2 that I can do in CS6 on my Mac -- I've been using Photoshop since version 2, so the memory limitation of CS2 doesn't hinder me.

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You should look up David Perry -- the creator of Earth Worm Jim -- for starts. He's just one of many very talented artist that know how to program. Interactive/game artists in general, at least the ones I know personally -- including myself, are excellent artists but also decent to adept programmers. Creative types in general are multi-faceted in our skills.

What you stated is true in some cases, but the reality isn't so B&W.

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