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Comment Re:Tell the old dogs (Score 1) 392

Old thread but I can't resist: I just give her what she needs and at the same time spend less time (on the IT side) than I did with Windows 7.

I have 20+ years experience with Windows and DOS and a mere 15 or so with Linux. From my perspective, supporting Arch is easier than Windows 7.

Comment Re:Tell the old dogs (Score 4, Insightful) 392

My wife has no idea she is using Arch Linux and KDE in the main on her laptop. It just works. She browses the web, Facebook and dodgy Flash games, YouTube etc etc, emails via our corp Exchange (I own the company), and so on. Printing just works as does the webcam, bluetooth, touchpad and all the rest.

I replaced the laptop with another in about 60 mins after cloning the old HD to the new one, most of that was spent getting the discs out into a cloner. I had to fiddle with one driver (Broadcom WiFi bollocks).

I update it via ssh every now and then and suggest a reboot eventually when she fancies it. I have locked the widgets and embiggened some of them so they are always where they should be and easy to find.

No computer OS is just plain sailing, Windows, Linux, *BSD, OSX or whatever. They all have sharp edges somewhere.

Comment Re:Binary logs... (Score 1) 416

"One of the hard earned lessons from that is: always use " A BATTERY BACKED RAID CONTROLLER and UPS, a decent SAN etc etc - FTFY.

"I've been doing software development over many years" - Shows. Sorry for being blunt but you did not major in sysadmin. Your logs should not be on the failing system in the first place if they are important.

You should only worry about your log format as a parameter not a life choice.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 416

Care to really quantify that, based on real experience? Here's my ha'p'orth.

Linux kernel: You get the source and quite a lot of info on what each option does in menuconfig or whatever.
Mailer daemons (for example): Postfix, Exim and Sendmail are very well documented, have excellent mailing lists. Masses of examples across the web and shed loads of forums and postings
Samba, BIND, KDE, Gnome, Apache, nginx, HA Proxy, Elastic Search, Hadoop, Postgres, MariaDB, libvirtd, Xorg, NetworkManager, FreeCAD, LibreCAD, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Evolution, Krita, Scribus ...... blimey the list goes on and on and on. Anyway they all have really good docs and a massive support organisation.

Do you really think that a distro needs to do anymore than note down what they do that is "different"?

Comment Re:systemd is the best init system for FreeBSD. (Score 4, Insightful) 416

"(sorry, Slackware, you're a relic; Gentoo, you're impractical)"

Sorry AC , you don't get it: It doesn't matter whether 1 or 1 billion people use a distro, they are exercising their choice - their ability to choose what they want. That is the most powerful aspect of free software whether it be Gentoo, Slack, Yggdrasil (my first), *BSD or whatever.


Your insinuation that FreeBSD will somehow slide into the breech to replace Linux is almost as laughable as this being the year of Linux on the Desktop.

BTW I use Gentoo quite a lot (50 odd systems) and they all have pid 1 == systemd ...


Comment Re: Piss off systemd (Score 1, Insightful) 416

"And Gentoo already has a replacement with eudev."

As with everything in Gentoo - it's all about choice. I've taken the liberty of ditching OpenRC and gone systemd everywhere I run a Gentoo box - laptops, servers etc etc. I run around 50 systems on Gentoo mostly servers. Wifey gets Arch on her laptop because compilation time.

One big gain is not having to write my own custom init scripts and simply scrape another distro's effort if it isn't available in Portage. The only thing I really dislike with systemd is: systemctl . Why put the bit that you will want to edit in the middle? It's particularly ironic given that LP is German and they slap the verbs at the end of a sentence. Perhaps that wasn't his input.

That's _my_ choice, you can make yours as you like.


Comment Re:Outage.. (Score 2) 377

My DNS servers are on the same subnet and there isn't one cable anywhere you could unplug that would take them both offline.

What about:

* Router misconfig, takes out default gateway for a while for both
* An extra cable is added and {MR}STP was disabled by accident or something like that.
* etc etc

Anyway, your proud boast may one day discover that people do the funniest things. If your DNS servers are in fact the same box with two IPs ...

Submission + - Quebec government to force ISPs to block gambling websites

ottawanker writes: In order to drive more customers to their own online gambling website, the Quebec government and Loto-Quebec (the provincial organization in charge of gaming and lotteries) are thinking about forcing the province's ISPs to block all other online gambling websites. The list of websites to be blocked will be maintained by Loto-Quebec, and the government believes that the blocking will increase government revenue by up to $27 million (CAD) per year.

Comment Re:Predictable cadence? (Score 1) 95

"Security vulnerabilities are not found on a schedule."

Agreed. Still, at least we get silly names for OpenSSL vulns rather than simply just CVEs and KB numbers with descriptions that usually say something like "A vulnerability in stuff can cause your cat to spontaneously combust on wednesdays when the full moon is in venus. You may have to reboot your computer after applying this update."

Oh well, it's time to:
$sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
$sudo pacman -Syu
#emerge -uva --deep --newuse --keep-going @world
$sudo yum up

The third one above is my patch tuesday, wednesday and probably thursday 8) My laptop is starting to cook my bollocks, compiling LibreOffice.

Submission + - Ways to travel faster than light without violating relativity

StartsWithABang writes: It’s one of the cardinal laws of physics and the underlying principle of Einstein’s relativity itself: the fact that there’s a universal speed limit to the motion of anything through space and time, the speed of light, or c. Light itself will always move at this speed (as well as certain other phenomena, like the force of gravity), while anything with mass — like all known particles of matter and antimatter — will always move slower than that. But if you want something to travel faster-than-light, you aren’t, as you might think, relegated to the realm of science fiction. There are real, physical phenomena that do exactly this, and yet are perfectly consistent with relativity.

Comment Re:Copper and alcohol (Score 1) 124

It's fine for water pipes. Copper *is* toxic when when you ingest it in sufficient quantities and in he right form but you will not ingest Cu (in suff ...) when drinking water from copper fed pipes. That's one of the reasons why it's used.

Why not ask your plumber to replace all that nasty copper pipe work with lead (Pb) in your house? After all the moniker "plumber" is derived from plumbum which as you know means lead in Latin. Why not make use of the "wisdom of the ancients"?


Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.