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Comment: Re:Those who ignore history... (Score 5, Interesting) 160

by JSC (#48761393) Attached to: What's Wrong With the Manhattan Project National Park
It's kinda hard for me to ignore this bit of history. My mother was a Lab Technician in Oak Ridge during WWII (yes, I'm an older geek). Anyway, I grew up hearing stories from her about working in Oak Ridge and from my Dad about the war in this "history" has a certain immediacy for me. Frankly, I think a museum about the Manhattan Project is a wonderful idea. Maybe it makes some people uncomfortable to talk about it but it IS our history and should never be forgotten. Got save us from preserving (and teaching) an edited "good parts" history that doesn't give the unvarnished truth. Those were difficult years and they needed difficult decisions. We need to remember that so that we can learn from it.

Comment: Re:I think this is great. (Score 1) 240

by JSC (#38123882) Attached to: DNA Test To Determine Kids' Sports Futures

TRUTH!!!! My youngest son just completed his Senior season of soccer. By the fast-twitch muscle theory, he shouldn't be a good soccer player but he is. On the soccer field, just about every other player is quicker off the line than him but any distance over about 10 yards, my son can run down any player on the field (his other sport is track where he's a distance runner). He has the stamina to stay in the entire game - and as a defensive mid, that's pretty good since his 'position' is the middle half of the field. Add in a knack for being able to stick like Velcro to whatever opposing player he's covering even if that player is behind him and you start to understand why his team voted him Best Defensive Player. But he shouldn't be as good as he is. He is that good because he loves the game and he really applies himself to it - something that test won't test for.

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