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Comment Battery life suffers (Score 1) 82

Anyone notice that if you are home all day, and your phone is associated exclusively to the Microcell, your phone battery is dead before the end of the day. Whereas if I am away from home the whole day, my battery will last all the way to the next day (almost twice as long) I've come to the conclusion that the Microcell kills the battery while paying attention to actual phone use, for example only 1hr of actual talk time, data usage only for syncing email via Exchange. In all my tests bluetooth is always off, wifi is always off. As an owner of this Microcell, which I also install for many other people, I can confirm a GPS lock is required when power is applied, but after that you can move it away from the window. Getting a new IP from your ISP will not always trigger re-sync of the GPS, often times it will re-establish the IPsec tunnel with the GPS light ever going into blinky-blink mode (searching)

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