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Comment: Re:FTL or Wormhole Travel (Score 1) 358

by JMandingo (#47164429) Attached to: The Disappearing Universe

Magnificent post. I would mod you up, but SlashDot hasn't given me mod points in over a decade.

A dumb question for you, but one that I could not answer for myself by reading the article: How is it that the universe is accelerating away from center? Is there a huge amount of matter outside our universe that is pulling the outer bits away? Does the radiation from the inner parts create pressure on the outer parts? Or is there more relativity trickery at work here that I do no grasp?

Comment: Re:Descent? Give me X-Wing! (Score 1) 251

by JMandingo (#47068609) Attached to: It's Time For the <em>Descent</em> Games Return

With Decent you really needed TWO joysticks to play properly. We bought splitter cables and used the offhand joystick to control thrust (forward and backward on the top buttons) and strafing in any variable direction. With this setup you had a terrific edge over anyone of equivalent skill who did not have it.

Comment: Many Large Storms (Score 1) 160

by JMandingo (#47017525) Attached to: The Shrinking Giant Red Spot of Jupiter

Looking at that photo linked in the article, I just realized that there are many other large storms visible on Jupiter. There are three large off-white ones just above the red one that are comparable in size. They do not stand out as much because they lack the striking red color and instead blend into the surrounding clouds. There is a little orange one at bottom left. I wonder if those other storms have persisted as long as the big red eye?

Comment: Telecommuter (Score 1) 810

by JMandingo (#45498179) Attached to: Electric Cars: Drivers Love 'Em, So Why Are Sales Still Low?

My personal "why": I code from home, so my car leaves the house twice a week and even then only to go 5-10 miles. My car is a '98 Mustang Cobra with a supercharged V8. I paid 15k cash for it used in 2002. I only get 17 miles to the gallon, but so what? I fill up maybe once every two months. I do a lot of my own maintenance. An all-electric vehicle would be perfect for my needs, and I could easily afford one, but I plan on driving my '98 until it rusts out from under me. It is a blast to drive, and the cost of fuel is a non-issue for so few miles.

Comment: Re:That's incredibly creepy (Score 4, Funny) 311

by JMandingo (#44975587) Attached to: Arrest Made In Webcam Highjacking Extortion Case

Young Jared James Abrahams, I hereby sentence you to 20 years of coding for the NSA. Our country needs young innovators with such talents to preserve our eternal safety from those who would do us harm. As your reward, you can have access to all the nude webcam photos you want, we have the worlds largest data center chock full of the bestest stuff.

Comment: Re:Wrinkle (Score 1) 295

by JMandingo (#43577271) Attached to: Politician Wants Sci-fi To Be Mandatory In School

But god the rest of the books in that series are awful... Almost unreadable.

The first Ender book is the least cerebral. Too bad for you. Or was this sarcasm? My eldest daughter (15) has read all the Ender books. She loved "Speaker for the Dead" and thought the first book was the weakest. She claims that the Bean timeline is the best. I am hoping to see what she means this summer, but I have to retrieve all my Ender books first as she has farmed them out to all her friends.

Comment: Re:Repeat after me: (Score 1) 120

by JMandingo (#43538557) Attached to: How To Build a $30M Startup Without Spending Any of Your Money

Hard work can still make you "wealthy", depending upon how you personally define the term. I am living proof, and so are several of my friends, all of us in our 30s and 40s. Use your evenings and weekends wisely, take your network and your work skills (and/or you favorite hobby) and turn them into a small side business. Continue to grow that, or build additional business as bandwidth permits. If you are lucky you will flip one (I never did), but eventually the long tails of income will add up to the point where you can quit your day job (as it did for all of us). The only thing I sacrificed along the way was all the sports and sci-fi I used to watch on the tube when I was in my 20s. Good riddance to the media consumption, even if everything I did had crashed and burned I would still be glad I made the effort.

Comment: Re:on the other hand (Score 1) 369

by JMandingo (#43273049) Attached to: FAA Pushed To Review Ban On Electronics

I was sitting in first class next to a British chap on a morning flight out of Dallas. A very nasty lightning storm rolled up and they delayed us at the gate for 30 minutes. When the announcement came over the PA this British fella went bonkers and delivered a most awesome scathing 10 minute rant about how Americans are fucking idiots and we don't fucking understand fucking service etc., etc. It really was quite impressive. Then the flight attendant started handling out free cocktails and everything was lovely.

Comment: Re:It just don't make no sense (Score 1) 140

by JMandingo (#43026437) Attached to: 1967 Gyro-X Car To Be Restored

a two-engine plane flying with one engine is less safe than a single-engine plane with its one engine working.

If the engine configuration of the two-engine plane is push-pull then the thrust provided by the remaining engine stays in the center line. Add to that the comparison you forgot - a two-engine plane minus one engine has more range to find a runway to make an emergency landing on, whereas a single-engine plane minus one engine becomes a poor glider.

Comment: Re:Noisy annoying environment (Score 2) 455

by JMandingo (#43002495) Attached to: Why Working Remotely Needs To Make a Comeback

I worked in a bullpen for several years. We used to have awesome wars with toy dart guns with the rubber suction cups on the end of the darts. It was quite jarring to be concentrating on some code only to be suddenly popped in the face. It got so that any time somebody opened a desk drawer everyone jerked their eyes up to see if they were pulling out a gun.

Comment: Re:Noisy annoying environment (Score 2) 455

by JMandingo (#43002351) Attached to: Why Working Remotely Needs To Make a Comeback

I have kids and telecommute. My office is on the second floor - a one-room addition over the garage. The door to the stairs has a stiff spring on it to keep it closed. Anyone who wants to talk to me has to be willing to climb a flight of stairs and be physically able to open that door. Problem solved.

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