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Comment: call waiting (Score 1) 186

by J Mack Daddy (#33769060) Attached to: Lost Online Games From the Pre-Web Era

We used to play BRE, over the modem of course. Some people had call waiting (the one that beeps at you if someone calls when you're already on the phone). Unfortunately this would cause the modem to hang up. So it became part of the strategy to try to anticipate if someone else was getting their turns in before you. You would then call them, causing their connection to drop. You'd then dial in and try to play your turns before them (it's already been noted above that BRE was particularly sensitive to this in terms of gaining advantage). It became all a bit too much (definitely favoured those who didn't have call-waiting enabled!)

Comment: Re:He was sitting on the winning weakness (Score 1) 160

by J Mack Daddy (#27339143) Attached to: Pwn2Own 2009 Winner Charlie Miller Interviewed
Now try this... I don't have a cure for cancer (all of it), but I could do if I expend a huge amount of my own time and effort. Since I know that as soon as all my time and effort is put in, I will receive zero compensation (apart from bragging rights, which I can't eat), I decide not to bother. Net result, 'Pharma' doesn't exist. Yeah, good plan!

Chemist who falls in acid is absorbed in work.