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Submission Adobe set to offer Office Competitor->

mytrip writes: "Adobe is poised to take the plunge into the lucrative world of office applications. The company already has a strong presence in business software with its Acrobat suite of products and interest in its new platform for web-enabled applications that run on the desktop is rising quickly.

"We want to build a platform that lets any corporation build applications in the browser and on the desktop," says Downey. "And just like any of our customers, Adobe is planning to take this platform and use it to build applications as well.""

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Submission Bill Gates blamed for Virginia Tech shooting

thefickler writes: US morals advocate and publicity hound Jack Thompson has suggested that Bill Gates and Microsoft are responsible for the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech. According to an early report in the Washington Post, the Virginia Tech shooter, Cho Seung-Hui, was a fan of violent video games, especially Counter-strike, which Microsoft publishes for the Xbox. The reference to Counter-strike and violent video games has now been removed from the report, but that hasn't stopped Thompson from lashing out at Gates.

Submission New tech makes high speed blu-ray writing possible

Vinit writes: "Nichia Corp. of Japan has announced new development in laser technology which makes possible 10X speed recording on a double-layer disc and 2X speed recording on a four-layer disc. The firm has developed a powerful blue-violet semiconductor laser diode that increases writing speed of high definition media. The new laser diode offers a pulsed output of 320mW compared 130 mW of regular diode. It boost 1000 hours of life time. The high output was achieved with 260 mA and 5 V at a temperature of 80 degrees. Pulse oscillation's threshold current is 35 mA and threshold voltage is 3.7 V. Nichia plans to start mass production of this laser diode in the first half of 2008. pment_in_laser_leads_to_10x_recording_on_duallayer _bluray_media.php"

Submission What We Could Learn From Board Games

njkid1 writes: "25-year industry veteran Steve Meretzky, who recently joined Zoo Tycoon developer Blue Fang Games, takes "his turn" to discuss the narrow choices and imitative offerings clogging up the games industry currently. He thinks the industry could take a cue from board games. &ncid=AOLGAM000500000000021"

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