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Comment Re:H1B is good (Score 1) 331

If the straw-woman chick in your story is in India, then you are describing "offshoring" rather than H1B. In that case, it is very likely she was awarded the work purely because her hourly rate is lower than a worker with the same title in the U.S., without regard to differences in actual productivity.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

Yeah, I think he did intentionally make it look like a possible bomb. He probably thought is looked cool. I think the prank went further than he wanted/expected, and then he did the best thing he could: he denied it. If he had confessed, then he would have been charged with "making terroristic threats" or "terroristic activity". That would be an open opportunity to throw him in prison, put him and his family on a watch list, etc. Screw that.

But his actions sure don't merit a free ride anywhere.

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