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+ - How to become a complacent software developer? 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Next year will be the beginning of a new era for me. It will be the start of my 10 years as a software developer. For the last 9 years I've worked for a variety of companies both large/small and various sized projects.

During my career I have noticed that many of the older software developers are burnt out, would rather do their 9-5, get paid, and go home. They have little-to-no passion left and I constantly wonder how they became this way. This contradicts my way of thinking as I consider myself to have some level of passion for what I do and I enjoy going home knowing I made some kind of difference.

Needless to say I think I am starting to see the effects of complacency. In my current job, I have a development manager who is difficult to deal with on a technical level. He possess little-to-no technical knowledge of basic JavaEE concepts, nor has kept up on any programming in the last 10 years. There is a push from the upper echelon of the business to develop a new more scalable system, but they don't realize that my manager is the bottleneck nor has the competency to do so. Also, our team is constantly trying to get him to agree on software industry standard/best practices, but he doesn't get it and often times won't budge.

I'm starting to feel the effects of becoming complacent. What is your advice?"

+ - Chimpanzees have evolved to kill each other->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "A major new study of warfare in chimpanzees finds that lethal aggression can be evolutionarily beneficial in that species, rewarding the winners with food, mates, and the opportunity to pass along their genes. The findings run contrary to recent claims that chimps fight only if they are stressed by the impact of nearby human activity—and could help explain the origins of human conflict as well."
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+ - Tinba Trojan Targets Major US Banks

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Tinba, the tiny (20 KB) banking malware with man-in-the-browser and network traffic sniffing capabilities, is back. After initially being made to target users of a small number of banks, that list has been amplified and now includes 26 financial institutions mostly in the US and Canada, but some in Australia and Europe as well. Tinba has been modified over the years, in an attempt to bypass new security protections set up by banks, and its source code has been leaked on underground forums a few months ago. In this new campaign, the Trojan gets delivered to users via the Rig exploit kit, which uses Flash and Silverlight exploits. The victims get saddled with the malware when they unknowingly visit a website hosting the exploit kit."

+ - Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC to Apple Pay Only->

Submitted by Ronin Developer
Ronin Developer (67677) writes "From the article:
"At last week's Apple event, the company announced Apple Pay — a new mobile payments service that utilises NFC technology in conjunction with its Touch ID fingerprint scanner for secure payments that can be made from the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch.

Apple also announced a number of retailers that would accept Apple Pay for mobile payments at launch.

However, Cult of Mac reports that NFC will be locked to the Apple Pay platform, meaning the technology will not be available for other uses.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed the lock down of the technology, saying developers would be restricted from utilising its NFC chip functionality for at least a year. Apple declined to comment on whether NFC capability would remain off limits beyond that period."

So, it would appear, for at least a year, that Apple doesn't want competing mobile payment options to be available on the newly released iPhone 6 and 6+. While it's understandable that they want to promote their payment scheme and achieve a critical mass for Apple Pay, it's a strategy that may very well backfire as other other mobile payment vendors gain strength on competing platforms. Subway already has penned a deal with Softcard to accept their mobile payment exclusively. Will other retailers take a similar tact and lock out Apple users who can't use their newly minted iPhone 6's for mobile payments everywhere because of this decision?"

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+ - Use of Forced Labor 'Systemic' in Malaysian IT Manufacturing->

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett (1594911) writes "The use of forced labor is so prevalent in the Malaysian electronics manufacturing industry that there is hardly a major brand name that isn't touched by the illegal practice, according to a report funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and undertaken by Verité, a nonprofit organization focused on labor issues. The two-year study surveyed more than 500 migrant workers at around 200 companies in Malaysia's IT manufacturing sector and found one in three were working under conditions of forced labor."
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+ - eBay redirect attack puts buyers' credentials at risk

Submitted by mrspoonsi
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "EBay has been compromised so that people who clicked on some of its links were automatically diverted to a site designed to steal their credentials. The spoof site had been set up to look like the online marketplace's welcome page. The firm was alerted to the hack on Wednesday night but removed the listings only after a follow-up call from the BBC more than 12 hours later. One security expert said he was surprised by the length of time taken. "EBay is a large company and it should have a 24/7 response team to deal with this — and this case is unambiguously bad," said Dr Steven Murdoch from University College London's Information Security Research Group. The security researcher was able to analyse the listing involved before eBay removed it. He said that the technique used was known as a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack."

Comment: Maybe not complacency (Score 1) 1

by ItsJustAPseudonym (#47929543) Attached to: How to become a complacent software developer?
In reading your narrative, I'm struck by two thoughts:
1. You are writing about the "effects of complacency", but I think you are really describing the "effects of incompetence" in your boss. (I only have your assessment to go on, though. For all I know, he may be avoiding some new fads instead of "industry best practices". Maybe you could give some examples?)

2. You claim that you are getting complacent, but you aren't writing as if you are complacent. You sound like you are interested in the situation. Therefore, I think it's in your grasp to do something about this, if you want.

Here's the thing: You seem to already have awareness of the issues, and to care about them. The question is, what are you prepared to do about it? Are you prepared to help fix things? Then you probably could step up and take more control, and maybe do a better job than your manager. Your situation is not just a problem, it is an opportunity. You need to slowly-but-surely improve things.

You may need to be slightly subversive. Make some small process improvements as a team, independently, with little cost but with clear benefit. You guys figure it out. You lead it, if you can. When things start getting better, you tell the company how and why. Profit.

If you don't step up, then you are probably complacent. But I think it's largely up to you.

Good luck.

+ - Is The Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000? 2

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "How low can battery cost go, and how fast? That's the question automakers are dealing with when it comes to the future of electric cars. Tesla is betting big on electric and has already proven many skeptics wrong with its Model S sedan. The company is making even bolder claims with its upcoming Model 3 stating it'll have about 200 miles of range and a base price of $35,000. That's a nice goal, but is it possible. Battery skeptic Menahem Anderman wrote a new report suggesting that the pace of cost reduction for electric car batteries won't be as swift as Tesla's CEO Elon Musk suggests. This leads Anderman to predict the actual price of the upcoming Model 3 will be in the range of $50,000-$80,000. That's quite a jump from the goal of $35,000. Can Tesla actually pull off the Model 3 with the goal price of $35,000?"

+ - Wave Power Fails to Live Up to Promise->

Submitted by the_newsbeagle
the_newsbeagle (2532562) writes "One of the leading companies developing wave power devices, Ocean Power Technologies, has dramatically scaled down its ambitions. The company had planned to install the world's first commercial-scale wave farms off the coast of Australia and Oregon, but has now announced that it's ending those projects. Instead it will focus on developing next-gen devices. Apparently the economics of wave power just don't make sense yet."
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+ - A new impact crater on the Moon

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has confirmed the creation of a new crater on the Moon, the impact flash of which was spotted when it happened on September 11, 2013.

The before and after images not only identify the new ~112 foot wide crater, they also show ejecta effects surrounding the crater."

+ - iOS 8 Review->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Apple is releasing iOS 8 today, and Ars Technica has posted one of their huge, thorough reviews of the updated operating system. They have this to say about the UI: "iOS 8 tries to fit a whole lot more stuff onto a single screen than iOS 7 did. The operating system was clearly developed in anticipation of iPhones with larger screens." The biggest new feature is Extensions: "Older versions of iOS limited what third-party applications could do to communicate with external services and other third-party applications. ... Extensions remove some (but not all) of those barriers." The biggest examples of extensions are custom keyboards, a feature iOS users have been requesting for years. Downsides to iOS 8 include increased storage and processing requirements, which are bad news for older iPhones, and a host of new bugs associated with the new features."
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+ - Logitech Aims To Control the Smart Home->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Household devices are getting smarter these days: the so-called internet of things is bringing software-controlled thermostats, lighting, and other appliances into the mainstream. Many companies are fighting for a piece of the pie, but Logitech is taking a different approach. They're mostly known for computer peripherals, but they also make multi-function remote controls, and now they're trying to build remotes that will control all of a home's smart devices. "Logitech doesn’t want to own the device, it wants to own the app experience. But to do that, it had to build a software overlay and a controller that would convince people to put it in their homes. So it’s offering a $100 hub that combines IR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RF that will let you use the Logitech Harmony app to control gear that uses those protocols. This means if you have a SmartThings, a Peq or a Lutron hub, the Wi-Fi in the Logitech device will let you control the others’ gear from Logitech, which so far seems to have a much nicer interface." They've worked out partnerships with a lot of companies that are big in the home, like Nest, Honeywell, and Philips, all of whom seem to want this extra layer of control for the user."
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