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If the majority of people are extroverted, how would it not be considered normal or typical behavior?

Per a 1998 study, 50.7% percent of Americans are introverts.

Hmm. Couldn't the results be skewed? Seems like they would have trouble reaching the introverts for the study. Could be that there are more undiscovered introverts. (I'm only being halfway-sarcastic here. I assume they controlled for this somehow in the study, but I have to believe that it is harder to contact the introverts.)

It's analogous to the situation in politics, in which a loud-mouthed group with in the minority often ends up dominating the conversation. In the study, they could have an easier time finding the extroverts, so it seem like there are more of them.

Comment: My list (Score 1) 359

  • * vim as the default always-available editor, for anything. gVim in some cases. Backed by cscope.
  • * jEdit if I have it installed, for anything. Backed by cscope.
  • * Notepad++ on Windows, if I have any kind of problem with vim or jEdit. (rare, but possible)
  • * Eclipse, for Java or php projects.

+ - That Toy is Now a Drone->

Submitted by fluxgate
fluxgate (2851685) writes "A notice from the FAA announced earlier this week just turned a bunch of kids' toys into drones. In the past, the FAA had made the distinction between model aircraft (allowed) and drones (prohibited without special permission) according to whether they were used for recreation (okay) or commercial purposes (verboten). Now they have further narrowed the definition of model aircraft: If you fly it through video goggles, it no longer qualifies. This move eliminates First Person View (FPV) radio control flying. I'm an editor at IEEE Spectrum with a special interest and blogged about this disturbing development as soon as I heard the news."
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