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Comment Re:Mobile Phones Can Spread Infectious Diseases. (Score 1) 21

Infectious diseases on public phones wiped out the Golgafrincians in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

We also know that diseases mutate and evolve.

Apparently, public phone diseases have evolved from public phones to cell phones, and also from a fictional story to the real world.

Submission + - Facebook CIO Discusses Zuckerberg's "Will You Resign?" Email

CarlaRudder writes: When Mark Zuckerberg sends an email with the subject line, "Will you resign?" people remember it. In this case, the email went to the entire company after someone leaked damaging information, but CIO Tim Campos talks about his hesitation to open the email, thinking it was addressed to him personally. He goes on to share an insider's perspective on the power of culture at Facebook, the benefits of giving employees time and space to both fail and create, and why data is at the core of every decision made in the company.

Submission + - The patent troll problem is not a new one->

An anonymous reader writes: Patent trolling is not a new problem, although recently it seems that the issue has captured the attention of a broader audience. Four years ago, NPR produced an episode of This American Life called "When Patents Attack!" And, four months ago, John Oliver devoted the bulk of his time on Last Week Tonight to raising awareness about patent trolls. "Most of these companies don't produce anything—they just shake down anyone who does, so calling them trolls is a little misleading—at least trolls actually do something, they control bridge access for goats and ask fun riddles," he explained. " Patent trolls just threaten to sue the living s*** out of people, and believe me, those lawsuits add up."

In an article on, Red Hat patent litigation defender David Perry takes a look back at the history of patent trolling, as well as some possible solutions to the problem.

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Submission + - Russian Government Threatening To Block Reddit Over Cannabis

An anonymous reader writes: The Russian Government is threatening to block the social linking site Reddit across its country if they do not comply with removing a thread dedicated to growing cannabis. According to a post on, a site similar to Facebook in Russia, they have asked Reddit administrator to read their emails and their social media posts stating that they want /r/trees brought down which had posted an article about growing narcotic plants. Recently, Reddit changed its rules to allow illegal discussions on its site but they say that they would continue to block things such as copyrighted material.

Submission + - Samsung Unveils V-NAND High Performance SSDs, Fast NVMe Card At 5.5GB Per Second->

MojoKid writes: Sometimes it's the enterprise sector that gets dibs on the coolest technology, and so it goes with a trio of TCO-optimized, high-performance solid state drives from Samsung that were just announced, all three of which are based on three-dimensional (3D) Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory technology. The fastest of bunch can read data at up to 5,500 megabytes per second. That's the rated sequential read speed of Samsung's PM1725, a half-height, half-length (HHHL) PCIe card-type NVMe SSD. Other rated specs include a random read speed of up to 1,000,000 IOPS, random write performance of up to 120,000 IOPS, and sequential writes topping out at 1,800MB/s. The PM1725 comes in just two beastly storage capacities, 3.2TB and 6.4TB, the latter of which is rated to handle five drive writes per day (32TB) for five years. Samsung also introduced two other 3D V-NAND products, the PM1633 and PM953. The PM1633 is a 2.5-inch 12Gb/s SAS SSD that will be offered in 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB, and 3.84TB capacities. As for the PM953, it's an update to the SM951 and is available in M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors at capacities up to 1.92TB.
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Submission + - GitHub Desktop Launches To Replace Mac And Windows Apps

An anonymous reader writes: GitHub today launched GitHub Desktop for Mac and Windows — you can download it right now from Yet this debut begs the obvious question: Didn’t GitHub already have apps for both platforms? Yes, yes it did. The new GitHub Desktop app is not just “designed to simplify essential steps in your GitHub workflow” — it’s also meant to replace GitHub for Mac and GitHub for Windows with a “unified experience across both platforms.”

Submission + - The Fastest-Growing Tech State Is... Minnesota->

Nerval's Lobster writes: What’s the fastest-growing state for technology jobs? You might be tempted to say California or New York, or even North Carolina. But according to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s actually Minnesota, which saw the size of its tech workforce jump 8.36 percent over the past six months, to 37,600 workers. Utah and Nebraska came in second and third on the list of fastest-growing states, with six-month tech-employment gains of 5.75 percent and 5.22 percent, respectively. Michigan and Florida came in fourth and fifth. States with smallish tech-worker populations can enjoy heady growth rates by adding relatively few workers. But not all states saw their tech workforce grow in the first half of 2015. Four states—Pennsylvania, Washington, North Carolina, and Alabama—actually saw their workforce decline by 0.61 percent, 0.63 percent, 2.36 percent, and 3.52 percent, respectively, during the period in question. The declines in Washington and North Carolina may come as a surprise to anyone following those states’ tech industries, which are quite robust. In Washington’s case, layoffs at Microsoft and other firms over the past few months may have contributed to the slight decline.
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Submission + - First Windows 10 Tablet is £99 And Is Made By A Supermarket

Mickeycaskill writes: Tesco has released a low cost Windows 10 tablet , beating more established manufacturers to the punch. The Windows Connect costs £99 ($154) and is half price if buyers use some of their Clubcard loyalty points.

Don't expect anything too flash though. The Connect is decidedly low-end, with an eight inch display, two megapixel rear camera, 0.3 megapixel front facing lens, a 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB of storage that can only be expanded by the same amount.

Other PC and tablet manufacturers are readying their own Windows 10 offering, including the Acer Cloudbook, with a number of devices expected to be shown off at IFA in a few weeks time

Submission + - Thunderstrike2 Details Revealed->

An anonymous reader writes: Prior to DefCon and BlackHat, we learned that Trammell Hudson had developed a firmware worm for Apple machines that could spread over Thunderbolt hardware accessories. Now that both conferences have finished, Hudson has published slides an annotated transcript detailing how the worm works. A brief quote: "Thunderstrike 2 takes advantage of four older, previously disclosed vulnerabilities. These had all been known and fixed on other platforms, but not on Apple's MacBooks. ... Speed Racer (Incorrect BIOS_CNTL configuration, 2014, VU#766164), Darth Venamis (S3 boot script injection, 2014, VU#976132) Snorlax (Flash configuration is not set after S3 sleep, 2013 VU#577140) and PrinceHarming (2015) Unsigned Option ROMs (2007, 2012). ... While we're looking at Apple specifically in this research, the overall message is that many vendors are not keeping up to date and are not responding to CERT, especially if it requires effort to port or test vulnerabilities from other vendor platforms."
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Submission + - Robot Launch 2015: Vote for your favourite robot startup!->

pRobotika writes: Readers can vote for their “Readers’ Picks” startup on Robohub over the next three weeks. We’re publishing 10 new videos each week showcasing different aspects of our favorite robotics startups and their business models — the cream of the crop from the Robot Launch 2015 competition. Our ultimate Robohub Readers’ Favorites, along with lots of other prizes, will be announced in a September live final. Vote by 11:59pm PDT, 18 August, spread the word via #robotlaunch2015 and come back next week for the next 10!
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Submission + - Lenovo quietly installed software on laptops, even if you wiped it->

An anonymous reader writes: The Next Web has confirmed reports from owners of Lenovo laptops that the company used a BIOS feature to install its software on the laptops even if a user wiped it clean and reinstalled the operating system. "f Windows 7 or 8 is installed, the BIOS of the laptop checks ‘C:\Windows\system32\autochk.exe’ to see if it’s a Microsoft file or a Lenovo-signed one, then overwrites the file with its own. Then, when the modified autochk file is executed on boot, another two files LenovoUpdate.exe and LenovoCheck.exe are created, which set up a service and download files when connected to the internet." Lenovo has published a patch to remove this functionality. The article notes that this technique seems to be sanctioned by a Microsoft policy. "Manufacturers are obligated to ensure that the mechanism can be updated if an attack is discovered and should be removable by the user, but the rules outlined in the document are fairly loose and don’t require the OEM to notify the owner of the laptop that such a mechanism is in place."
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