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Submission + - World Chess Championship in toilet crisis

Isofarro writes: "Thirteen years after the breakaway Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short World Championship match, FIDE (the world chess federation) have almost repaired this schism with a unifying match between the Russian Vladimir Kramnik (the successor to Garry Kasparov's title) versus the Bulgarian Veselin Topalov (the holder of the FIDE World Chess Championship title). Currently Kramnik is leading 3-1 after winning the first two games against the run of play.

But a complaint by Topalov's team about Kramnik's suspicious excessive use of his private bathroom has thrown the match in turmoil. FIDE ruled partially in favour of the complainant and declared that both players private bathrooms to be locked, and that the players share a toilet. Kramnik objected to the decision based on what he believes is an invasion of privacy from the Bulgarian team, and a breach of contract by FIDE. Kramnik sat in his rest-area during game 5 in protest, and forfeited the game after not making his first move in the first hour of his alloted time. Its unclear what will happen next. Kramnik has agreed that the fifth game (the one FIDE ruled he forfeited today) be played out tommorrow under the same conditions the match originally begun. Topalov's camp has been quiet. FIDE's president has backed FIDE's decisions. So a deadlock has been reached."

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