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Comment: Conspiracy or not (Score 4, Insightful) 250

by Isbiten (#41243639) Attached to: Did Sweden Pay Cambodia For the Pirate Bay Co-founder?

I highly doubt that the Swedish government would have such a great interest in Svartholm that they would pay to get him extradited. Also how much aid was given to Cambodia before Svartholm was arrested? Unless that figure was close to zero I fail to see how Sweden payed for his extradition.

+ - Swedish state television wants Steve Jobs approval->

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Isbiten writes "Today Swedish state television (SVT) launched the website Dear Steve Jobs aimed at Steve Jobs to get approval for their application. The application streams the same content that SVT has on it's website to the iPhone. They even have a special button just for Steve Jobs to press on to approve the application.

"We have tried to simplify the approval process as much as possible for you. Just press the green button below and record a video of yourself saying "JA" (that’s "yes" in Swedish, pronounced "yah").""

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Comment: Re:Employment Adjustments (Score 3, Interesting) 272

by Isbiten (#29074399) Attached to: Genetic Mutation Enables Less Sleep

A Toyota shop near me introduced 30h working week for it staff. They kept the same pay but worked 6h days instead of 8h. Guess what productivity went up, the shop had longer opening hours 12h (2 shift) vs 8h (1 shift). People got sick less, fewer mistakes were done, customers were happier and revenue went up.

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