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+ - Alaska LtGov commissions Voting machine exam.

Submitted by Irvu
Irvu (248207) writes "The Penninsula Clarion is reporting that Alaska's Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell has asked the University of Alaska Anchorage to conduct a study of the State's voting equipment. The entire state uses Diebold optical scanners and DREs for accessibility. The same systems were decertified by California's Secretary of State Debra Bowen after their disastrous performance in the Top to Bottom Review. The request was made by Lt. Gov Parnell and the state's election director Whitney Brewster to UAA Chancellor and former Lt Governor Fran Ulmer."

+ - Diebold rebrands what noone wants.

Submitted by Irvu
Irvu (248207) writes "Diebold has apparently failed in their bid to sell their tainted elections systems unit. Unable to find a buyer the CEO of Diebold promised that the system will be run more "openly and independently." To prove that they are serious, they renamed it. Diebold Election Systems is now Premiere Election Solutions. They still sell GEMS, AccuVote OS and the ever-unpopular AccuVote-TSX which performed so disastrously in California's Top-to-Bottom Review under the same names. Apparently their rebranding effort only goes so far."

+ - Electronic-Voting Reform bill out of committee.

Submitted by Irvu
Irvu (248207) writes "HR 811 the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007 has been reported out of committee and sent to the floor of the U.S. House for (possible) amendments and a vote. An accurate FUD free summary of the bill's present form can be found here. If, after reading this you support it (and are a U.S. Citizen) then I would urge you to contact your congressional rep. If they are a cosponsor then thank them and urge them to show up to vote for it (unfortunately some do not). If not then urge them to become a cosponsor and show up to vote."

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