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Comment: Re:Expanding the scope of existing techniques (Score 4, Informative) 54 54

by Iron Chef Unix (#37243118) Attached to: Joining Blood Vessels Without Sutures
It's not the glue that is novel in this application, but the use of a poloxamer gel to keep the vessel shape while attaching the ends.

Imagine trying to glue together the open ends of two tube socks. It would be time consuming to line up the ends and not glue the other side together, etc. This technique is like putting a solid round canister inside the junction of the two tubes, making it very quick to line up the edges and glue them together.

In this case the canister is a cylinder of poloxamer gel that is solid when warmed above body temperature. After the connection is glued, the gel cools and liquifies, leaving a perfectly glued joint.

Comment: Choices, choices (Score 3, Insightful) 417 417

by Iron Chef Unix (#36456568) Attached to: Japanese Scientist Creates Meat Substitute From Sewage
From the video: "Once the research is complete and it's put on the market we'll probably be able to price it at roughly the same level as normal meat." Hmm, should I buy the ribeye or the extruded soy-supplemented feces meat? At the same price, the choice is so difficult....

Comment: Seems like a good thing.... (Score 1) 439 439

by Iron Chef Unix (#30118416) Attached to: Apple Patents "Enforceable" Ad Viewing On Devices
As long as Apple simply patents "evil" ideas, it seems like a win for me. This means that no other company can implement these ideas without paying licensing fees, which means that I will see less of these obnoxious schemes in products. In fact, the fact that Apple patented this idea, means that any iphone app I buy should be guaranteed not to do this, unless Apple produces it.

So until these ideas actually end up in a product, I won't be complaining.

+ - Apple Fights for Your Right to Playlists

Submitted by
theodp writes: "This week's Official USPTO Gazette brings news that Apple has requested a reexamination of a patent granted to Premier International Investments LLC for a List Building System, which covers making, editing and displaying music and video playlists. Elsewhere in the same Gazette, the USPTO notes that it's ordered a reexamination of an Amazon patent for a Method and system for electronic commerce using multiple roles (i.e., providing multiple electronic shopping carts for each user) after determining that substantial new questions of patentability ('SNQ') had been raised."
PC Games (Games)

+ - Can you recommend a team-oriented online game?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: My parents are moving out of town, and my sister and I are looking for an online game to play alongside our mom. (All three of us have played Puzzle Pirates, but my sister has become bored with the puzzles and won't touch it anymore.) Neither my mom nor I enjoy the standard MMORPG fare of kill-level-buy-gear-rinse-repeat. What we're looking for is some sort of cooperative online gaming experience which doesn't hinge on how fast you can click the mouse button or how many hours you've been killing things in dungeons. Does such a thing exist?

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