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Comment: Have you tried modern computing paridigms? (Score 2) 480

by Irick (#46349341) Attached to: Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will

I've often heard it levied that some of the FSF's goals are a bit out of touch, and it's often been speculated that one of the root causes may be inexperience with the modern computer interface. Reading over even how you search for web pages, the pipeline is very unix but it would be nearly entirely alien to a modern computer user.

Do you think there is any value in trying to switch paradigms for a while?
(please disregard any loaded language that may have slipped through, i'm tired, but this question has been eating at the back of my head for a while)

Comment: That's absolutely amazing. (Score 2) 106

by Irick (#45755031) Attached to: French Team Implants First Long-Term Artificial Heart

Seriously, once in a while I like to kind of just take these sort of advancements at face value. It's just astonishing to me that we are so close to alleviating at least one facet of the organ transplant shortages that have so many people waiting for so long in uncertainty. This day could not get here fast enough and I hope that it becomes a true milestone down a great path for medical technology.

But damn that is an expensive pump.

Comment: Steam Machines are an entirely new monster (Score 1) 348

It's not a question of if they can compete with established living room giants, It is if there is a niche for it to carve out. Valve has got great inroads with the PC gaming community. I don't see Steam Machines displacing consoles but I definitely see them as a way for Valve to carve out a place in the living rooms of their current clientele. SteamOS to throw on the old box in the living room, Steam Machines for the pre-built crowd wanting something that fits in with their other equipment.

Comment: I don't think streaming necessitates DRM (Score 1) 221

by Irick (#44244103) Attached to: How DRM Won
Streaming can be genuinely convenient, but it doesn't mean it is married to DRM. I would very much like the option of being able to stream and download content that I paid for in a non DRMed version for when I want to have the content now and save it for later. Just because current streaming services popularly use DRM does not mean it has "won".

Comment: There have been so many... (Score 3, Insightful) 413

by Irick (#44231379) Attached to: Lead Developer of Yum Killed In Hit-and-run
It's sobering just how many of these great contributors to oss and technology in general have passed away these past few years. Mortality is not something I often contemplate at twenty two but I find it constantly popping up in the legacy of this subculture.

I really do wonder if we are predisposed to see death as a problem that needs to be solved, because all I can think of are the tragic losses of minds and icons that could be prevented somehow and how valuable that would be to humanity as a whole.

Seth will be missed and hopefully his work will live on.

Comment: Re:Stomp your feet & say it isn't DRM. (Score 1) 208

by Irick (#43388433) Attached to: EA Responds To Its Appearance In the 'Worst Company In America' Poll
Steam does distribute DRM free games. And when games use Steam DRM is at least sane. I have very few qualms with buying from Steam, even with the knowledge that in the post-apocalyptic future when Valve's servers go down i will have to add the worry of them not releasing a no DRM patch to my list right next to headcrab zombies.

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.