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Comment: Going for the Hipsters Demographic (Score 1) 114

The *only* folks who will go for this will be hipsters who would rather talk to an Amazon app on their iPhones than directly with a grubby blue collar contractor.

I have a neighbor who is a licensed construction foreman. When I need work done on my old house, I basically can assist with demo, site prep, and cleanup and he gives me a big break on the bill. He goes home with a case of my homebrew beer when it is all done.

That Amazon can even propose this business model really describes the sad state of affairs of the middle class, community, and humanity's ability to interact face-to-face. We need to put the fucking phones down and talk to each other.

Comment: Gamers find Rocket Science is Hard! News at 11 (Score 4, Interesting) 123

by Irate Engineer (#49364795) Attached to: SpaceX's New Combustion Technologies

Umm, rocket science is...rocket science?

Combustion CFD is a very difficult area. The problem is that there are so many interlinked phenomena all requiring special modeling methods that one really isn't quite certain of the accuracy of the result unless they can compare it to a physical model test, which is what is frequently done. Simply getting the correct boundary conditions can be very challenging. Failing to apply appropriate modeling and boundary situations leads to a garbage in/garbage out situation, but the numerical solution may look plausibly correct.

CFD is not use exclusively in design work except for very basic cases where the modeling accuracy is well understood. However, CFD for more complicated situations is still useful as it may illustrate behaviors and trends in performance in situations where physical observations are difficult (like in a rocket nozzle). The CFD results can be used to guide and interpret the results of physical testing.

Understanding CFD really requires PhDs who understand fluid dynamics as well as the limitations of the numerical models used. This is true in many industries, not just rocket surgery.

Comment: Re:America Needs Dream Chaser (Score 1) 24

The Dream Chaser's advantage is that it can land on a runway. As long as the runway has sufficient length (Ellington's two runways are both over 8,000 ft in length) then Dream Chaser can land safely. The only real issues would be either a) a failure involving the landing gear, or b) FOD on the runway itself.

The plan for SpaceX's Dragon 2 is also a soft powered landing.


Comment: The New Reality (Score 5, Insightful) 117

The old model for music distribution:

1. A song gets played on the radio.

2. A listener hears the song and would like to listen to it on demand, so they head down to the album store and buy a CD or record.

3. Listener pays for product, leaves happy! Music!

4. Distribution label PROFITS!!! (though cut has to go to artist, agent, CD/record production, etc.. ).

The new model for music distribution:

1. Listener hears artist's music on Youtube, can play on demand for free, can contribute to artist directly!

2. ??? - sound of crickets chirping -

Not seeing the need for big labels anymore myself. They are trying to coerce money out of a system that is rapidly realizing this new reality. Good luck with that!

Comment: Re:Oh Come On! (Score 1) 91

by Irate Engineer (#49311065) Attached to: How To Encode 2.05 Bits Per Photon, By Using Twisted Light

Fluid turbulence is actually well understood and very easy to visualize. Yes, direct simulation of turbulence is very computationally expensive, but good mathematical models for the effect of turbulence in flows have been around for a while and are used in CFD modeling in many industries.

I can actually see turbulence; if I just go down to the river or look up at the sky, there it is. It's complex, but it obeys simple rules and you can actually develop a physical intuition about turbulence.

Not so with quantum physics, at least not yet. I think part of the problem is people rarely get to see the actual experiments that illustrate where quantum physics and Newtonian physics part company. A picture book that illustrates the weirdness physically, maybe some experimental data, would be a help. I recently read a book called "A Quantum Moment" by Crease and Goldhaber; it wasn't bad where it was describing the history of quantum theory, and it actually contains some math, but it just gives up in some sections and starts getting really airy-fairy and weird.

Comment: Re:The perfect write-candidate (Score 1) 1089

by Irate Engineer (#49298261) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US

Oh really, this is your sole role in life Sysrammer - pedantic grammar Nazi? "Ooh...ooh, let's derail the whole topic with a style critique. "Four" is definitely more appropriate than "4". Clarifies everything! I must be superior! Everybody bow before the Great Clarifier!

Try to get laid Sysrammer. Success isn't guaranteed but you should try to actually do something with your life. Some desperate boy might let you in.

Your parents are probably praying for you to leave their basement and to actually do something useful with your life.

Did you have any other bullshit waste-of-time comment to add to this conversation? No? Good! GTFA


Comment: Re:Who Decides the Candidates? (Score 1) 1089

by Irate Engineer (#49298171) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US
Oh, the democrat would have waged perpetual war against the brown-skinned west Asian? Wow, that would have changed everything, shocking, yeah. Um, no, actually...Raytheon et al. would have pushed perpetual war as a business model, as they did with the R in the White House.R, D, whatever. Ahem...if you didn't hear me clearly...it doesn't matter what you think - the elections have been decided for you, citizen. Celebrate in your freedom from ....eh, er.. freedom.

Comment: Sex Toys Delivered by Drone ! (Score 1) 90

by Irate Engineer (#49297411) Attached to: Amazon Wins US Regulators' Approval To Test-fly Drone
Cool, so flying dildos available for credit. Got it. Sweet! Party on fornicators! I'm just waiting for some hillbilly with a shotgun to intercept a package with a gasoline-fueled vibrator, a gas generator with a Sybian, and Twitter their neighbor's presidential aspirations away.

Comment: Re:Who Decides the Candidates? (Score 1) 1089

by Irate Engineer (#49297159) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US
In the U.S. you have the choice of (what is termed in Europe) right of center and extreme right. Or maybe left = right. Whatever. You can (and I have) voted for Edward Snowden for every position from President down to dog catcher. No change here in the U.S. And U.S. stability means perpetual war . Come on mods...you haven't modded me to negative infinity yet. Maybe you are...curious?

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