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Comment Re:nice movie plot threat (Score 2) 255

Given that we've just had a couple of high profile examples of actual terrorist attacks, you'll note a lack of:

  • drones
  • plastic explosive
  • any other high tech device

You will note an oversupply of:

  • firearms
  • fanatics prepared to use them

Yes? I also noted the lack of airliners and box knives as well. What's your point?

Comment A Potential Flaw... (Score 2) 255

Hmmm...I could see some nefarious person or organization painting an Amazon logo on their drone, loading it up with 55 lbs of plastic explosive/ anthrax spores/[insert mayhem causing substance or object here], and flying it off to fuck up someone's day. It would look "legit", as you don't have to mock up a delivery truck to put the package on someone's doorstep.

It will be interesting when a bunch of senators and congressmen suddenly get packages from "Amazon" delivered to their doorstep - all at once.

And if you're wondering, I'm still not a terrorist, you damned infidels.

Comment Re:I thought the secondary payload (Score 1) 53

Yet we abandoned an existing orbital capability in 2011 and put all our shuttles into museums so we could buy rides from the Russians.

And we're still years away from putting a human in orbit. Hell, they are just talking about an unmanned spin around the moon, in 3 years (maybe).

We went from JFK's speech to boots on the Moon in less than 10 years. We've now been dicking around with PowerPoints describing Constellation and now Ares/Orion for 10 years already, and we're still many years (and election cycles) away from sending an astronaut anywhere with any of it. This is all to simply to get back to orbit and maybe the Moon, stuff we did 46 years ago.

You can argue about the date when it happened, but the balls have been lost.

Comment Re:I thought the secondary payload (Score 4, Insightful) 53

We can't even send a monkey anymore, because that would offend PETA. This country lost its collective balls in the 1960s. We can't cope with any risk or danger anymore. This is why we'll never walk on the moon again. This is also why the terrorists are running our lives these days.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 5, Interesting) 474

This +100.

Dealers need to step aside and get out of the fucking way of the sale. It's a stupid business model. There is no value in having a middleman in this process anymore.

Put a firm price tag on the damned vehicle along with a spec sheet - haggling over the price of the of an expensive item like a car like you are in some Algerian bazaar pisses people off. Have an attendant handle the keys and accompany road tests. Done.

I'll never go to a chain dealership to buy a car. I've bought my last several cars off lease from a used car seller who puts a price tag on the car, and simply hands you the keys for a road test and asks that you have the car back by closing time. Their prices are good because they don't have to pay a bunch of salespeople to play fucking mind games with customers all damned day, and they have good sales volume. They have an awesome local reputation.

Comment Re:"Reset to factory settings" button (Score 4, Insightful) 150

I have a JBL speaker that I had to ship back to the manufacturer to be replaced because of a bad firmware update. A simple reset button like the one I described would have saved me a ton of pain and saved JBL money on shipping the speaker both ways. WHY isn't this sort of thing universal?

Because, for every person like you, there are 10 that would just say "Speaker not work. Must buy new speaker." Repair options do not spur new sales.

Comment Re:Except when it comes to you asking them to remo (Score 1) 147

something. I had to spend hours trying to find a contact form where I could attach a screen shot of 1 star reviews on my FB business page that stated I sell weed at my store from several fake accounts Found some forms but they would not post finally found one. Got a reply a few days ago basically saying nothing and to block those people. Well that's great but still wont remove reviews that say I well weed I my store.

Since I already spend $750 advertising on FB I decided to keep my page for now and disable the reviews. Once my site is finished I'll be removing the FB for good same with Google+ Not sure what they did but the page I keep up to date synched with FB posts no longer shows on searches but a new one I didn't create is showing with no page updates.

Seriously social media is useless for small business. I'd get better results standing on a corner of a busy street giving out flyer.

Dude, weed sells itself. Stop working so hard.

Comment Re:Bill Nye PR Fail (Score 1) 387

This is what Bill Nye actually said in his book.

"I get it.

No, he doesn't fucking get it. See the following:

He's not against NASCAR. He just laments that the goals of NASCAR are about power and speed only and less about efficiency and economy. For example, the limit of fuel in a NASCAR race is not the amount of fuel but the time it takes to fuel a car. If there was some tweaking so that racing teams had to take fuel economy into account, it would be more interesting to him. I think currently the cars get maybe 3 mpg.

NASCAR teams would LOVE to run a race on one tank of gas or less. Power and speed AND fuel economy are all important. Pitting kills position. It sucks. If you actually watched races, you'd see that many racers lose because they ran out of gas trying to stretch their tank to the finish line. They are not working to see how much fuel they can dump through their engines.

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