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Comment: Holy Honeypot Batman! (Score 2) 98

Upload all your incriminating evidence to who knows where, and then leave enough contact information for them to determine if you are dead or not? Ummm The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this sounds like a fiendishly clever way for the NSA to quickly weed out 95% of the wack-jobs out there that style themselves as the next Edward Snowden so they could devote their efforts to tracking the truly competent activists. I could also see these wackjobs getting an email at their AOL accounts soon afterwards worded something like this:

Dear Dead Man Zero Subscriber, Thank you for uploading to Dead Man Zero! We're watching. Have a Nice Day! The NSA

Anybody truly paranoid and knowledgeable would not touch this with a 10 ft pole.

Comment: Re:It's not really that bad (Score 4, Insightful) 221

by Irate Engineer (#47931003) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response
It's not the total count (but thousands of people dead sucks) but the *rate* of infection that is freaking people out. It is picking up speed. That's bad.

We're looking at 10^3 *reported* cases, and this is currently uncontained, so who knows how many are bleeding out of their orifices in single apartments, unreported.

The bigger an infection gets, the harder it is to stop. So yeah, you want to freak out early and try to put the fire out quick by putting a lot of assets on the scene.

And, by the way, there are regions of the U.S. (yes, 'Murika!) where washing of the dead is a burial ceremony. Don't say that it can't possibly happen here. It can if you tempt fate enough times.

Comment: No Competition Here! (Score 5, Insightful) 211

by Irate Engineer (#47795017) Attached to: Battle of the Heavy Lift Rockets
NASA would be very happy to let SpaceX build a heavy lift booster for them. Really.

The only reason SLS exists is to keep the congresscritters from the former shuttle supply chain districts happy. That's it. NASA is desperately trying to keep funding going, and they ain't interested in pissing that money away on designing big dumb rockets, but politics says that they must to survive. Rockets are rapidly becoming a commercial technology, which is a good thing.

NASA would be very happy to buy rockets from Elon Musk and/or whoever else can put up competing articles. NASA would much rather be doing and spending its hard-fought budget on things that they do well, pushing the envelope on technologies for hard problems, like getting our asses to Mars, and science missions.

Comment: Re:No thought required (Score 4, Insightful) 135

by Irate Engineer (#47588707) Attached to: If You're Always Working, You're Never Working Well
Exactly this. The culture that I have often seen (particularly in publicly traded companies) is that to actively think about and research a problem and kill it for once and for all is always perceived as too expensive and is frowned upon.

It's apparently far cheaper to just muddle along with a problem for years and years and years. Or at least until the company tanks.

In turn, this culture is a motivation killer, as initially ambitious employees will have their proposals shot down again and again, and so they either leave or just shrug their shoulders resignedly and Facebook all day, just keeping the illusion of productivity alive.

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.