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Comment: Re: Do not (Score 4, Informative) 128

by Irate Engineer (#49553529) Attached to: Liquid Mercury Found Under Mexican Pyramid

I think you're thinking of pewter; tin, often (in the past) alloyed with lead.

Of course, for decades we burned leaded gasoline in our engines since it reduced knock so wonderfully, so there are several hundred ppm of lead in the atmosphere that didn't used to be there. It's still there, even though tetraethyl lead has been phased out of use.

Read up on Thomas Midgley Jr . He was a chemist and a prolific inventor, but sadly he set loose some of the nastier industrial chemicals into the world in the last century, somewhat unwittingly.

Comment: Re:sound idea? (Score 1) 286

by Irate Engineer (#49550371) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

You did read the part about this being a pilot project? The first automobiles were out of reach cost-wise for most people when they first came out. The price will drop with volume of sales. And Musk knows economics well enough to know that your argument is the spur to get the cost point down someplace where your math will actually make these cost-effective.

Also, electrical rates are coming up, if you haven't noticed. That accelerates the time to cost-effectiveness.

Comment: Re:Wow. (Score 1) 303

Microsoft is making a walled garden. They just forgot to invite their customers into this garden - they just keep planting thorny bushes around the locked gate with the "Beware of Leopard" sign on it. Microsoft is making itself irrelevant. It almost seems like this is their business "strategy" now. I really don't see how they plan on making money in the future.

Comment: Re:So was it illegal? (Score 1) 307

by Irate Engineer (#49524275) Attached to: Futures Trader Arrested For Causing 2010 'Flash Crash'

Was cancelling the trades illegal?

My point is - would anyone have cared if he didn't trigger a 1000 pt market slide? This guy is a schemer, no doubt, but doing things that are illegal with a computer keeping tabs on the actions seems dumb, dumber than this guy seems to be.

I think this guy is just getting hanged because safeguards were not in place to prevent these legal actions. If someone is going to be hanged, it has to be the little guy, not the ones that created the system in the first place.

Comment: Stereo Lithography (Score 1) 40

Stereo lithography has (had?) been used for decades to prototype various 3D parts for fit and interference, though it could not make structural parts, certainly not for high temperature applications.

3D printing is a newer iteration of this technology as used for part fit and interference testing. The ability to actually fabricate the final product vs. just making resin shape prototypes is the really cool potential of this technology. It's being done now, but it will interesting to see how ubiquitous this becomes. It will be something when you see these next to the CNC machines in machine shops.

But watching 5-axis CNC machines make stuff is just mesmerizing.

Comment: Re:So in 300 years... (Score 1) 313

Just relax in the soothing warm gel.

Forever, maybe (does apoptosis still occur in this situation? Hmmm). Staring at the wall of the jar. Maybe through it, if they are courteous enough to make it of glass. Then you get to stare at all the jerks who put you in that prison, watching them ogle how you function or not.

The more they play with this life extension bullshit, the more I hope to be allowed a dignified and painless death.

Death is NOT the enemy. It's just the last inn at the side of the road after a (hopefully) long, long journey.

Comment: Re:So in 300 years... (Score 2) 313

"And didn't anyone think I'd need a body too? A vajayjay and a uterus would have been pretty fun and useful at some point, don'tcha think? WTF people!" May as well just sign her frozen head up on Halloween to be the first shot from the pumpkin chucker into the river. That's about all the fun she's going to have at this point, reanimated or not.

Comment: I Closed the Frikkin' Page for a Reason! (Score 4, Insightful) 199

by Irate Engineer (#49474705) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications
Oh great, so if I stumble on a page so full of crap that I decide to backtrack the hell away, the site can still shove notifications in my face, even though I clearly don't want that content? Yeah, I have to explicitly allow it, that's awfully nice of them. But how long will opting out last when the advertisers realize they can force a few more eyeballs? Is there another browser out there that hasn't been bloated to death with "features"? I jumped from Firefox to Chrome when they started churning versions, but Chrome just jumped the shark by doing the same thing.

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