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+ - Time Tracking Systems for Employees/Contractors

Submitted by Ipecac
Ipecac (224122) writes "After lurking for many years, as a geek-wannabe, I have finally mustered the courage to post a question — but I really need your help:

I am the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for a large state/provincial hospital group with over 3000 employees, six hospitals and 40+ community clinics. We are about to implement a new information system across the organization. Furthermore, we don't really have a "budget" or "bucket of money" for this yet, but the project has already kicked off. The other problem is, our staff will be seconding "parts" of their time towards this project. As we proceed, I want to track how much time people are spending on this project, ie. to monitor the impact it is having on our organization (so I can tell the Exec when to back off my staff), in case we get some extra money to pay for staff's time, etc.

Are there are solutions my fellow /.'s would recommend to us? A cloud/managed solution would be preferred (our IT folk do not want to manage another system) and of course, cost efficiency (read: cheap!) is important too. Thanks in advance!"

+ - Two drunks on Air Canada flight diverted to Vancou->

Submitted by Ipecac
Ipecac (224122) writes "Flying and liquor don't mix.

That's what a pair of Ontario men learned Monday when an Air Canada flight they were on from Toronto to Beijing had to make a landing at Vancouver International Airport after they became drunk and unruly, Richmond RCMP Cpl. Sherrdean Turley said today in a press release.

Richmond RCMP received a report around 6:30 p.m. Monday that the flight was being diverted to Vancouver "after two unruly passengers had to be restrained by the airline crew," Turley said in a press release. "Upon touchdown, RCMP officers boarded the flight and escorted the two passengers off the plane. Both were arrested and held for court the next morning."

George Campbell, 45 of Conestogo, Ontario, and Paul Alexander Wilson, 38, of Kitchener, Ontario, were charged and pleaded guilty to mischief Tuesday.

The two men are reported to be executives of the BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.

Both men received suspended sentences and probation for one year, and were ordered to pay a total of $71,757 as restitution to the airline, Turley said.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/drunks+Canada+flight+diverted+Vancouver+fined/5796990/story.html#ixzz1fP80OVde"

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