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Comment: Re:I would love it if (Score 2) 201

I'm unconvinced. You have a lot more confidence in Congress' ability to take action than I do. Especially on a topic that pretty much guarantees that a public brouhaha would end badly for congress. I can see the complaints now: "You nitpicked Google, but you approved the Patriot Act?" It seems pretty clear to me that the government has no credibility from which to try to advocate privacy without first starting from within. And frankly, I think we need products like Google Glass to ensure that more unanticipated events can be caught on camera. Cops abusing their power, transactions with lying customer service reps, and I recently had wait-staff who probably could have used this, etc. These are more important topics than whether someone gets a picture of you in the gym locker room.

Comment: Re:Talking out both side of their mouth (Score 1) 125

I think perhaps you misunderstood my niche comment. I was referring to two industries where getting a "niche" is like guaranteeing yourself a future. Now that airlines are using a device in the cockpit, it will be there until Hell freezes over. And have you tried getting nurses to change anything in how they do things? Get 'em on a tablet and they'll fight any other change tooth-and-nail.

Comment: Re:Blackberry Enterprise (Score 1) 125

I see what you're trying to say with the bold text, but the issue isn't that there is a need in some select cases.

Until such a day as RIM brings something that makes them more exciting than a trip to the dentist, they'll continue to lose anyone who doesn't absolutely have to have their specific features. That's no way to stay afloat in the mobile device market today, and their users will be essentially abandoned by the market.

Comment: Re:Talking out both side of their mouth (Score 5, Interesting) 125

I think if the tablet market dies, it will die because of the gigantic phone that doubles as a tablet market. Really though, tablets are not a standalone device. They're an accessory and a document viewer. They've found a niche in a lot of industries that have been clamoring for a basic digital reader. Airlines and medical have been dabbling in iPads, and shipping companies have been using such devices for a long time. I doubt tablets will ever take over computing, but I think they'll have a place for many years to come.

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