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Comment: Re:All right, allow me to expose my ignorance (Score 1) 647

by InterBigs (#48484171) Attached to: Debian Forked Over Systemd
Ok so reading the slides they're planning on doing network management (byebye NetworkManager), Local DNS cache (yes please), mDNS responder, LLMNR responder, DNSSEC verification, NTP, sandboxing services and applications, OS/App/Container image formats, stateless systems, atomic node initialisations and updates and more. That is freaking awesome. Not only does it bring Linux distributions closer together.. it also takes the distributions as a whole to a new level. Instead of a kernel + some packages the future will bring us a true (GNU/)Linux/systemd operating system. I can understand this may seem scary to some but personally I really think this is awesome.

Comment: Re:Abandoning Desktop was a BIG Mistake for RedHat (Score 1) 232

by InterBigs (#47768457) Attached to: How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest
Actually Red Hat 6 is widely used in business desktops (especially on workstations) and Fedora is an ever-so-popular alternative for Ubuntu. The only thing I dislike about Fedora is that it's often too bleeding edge and that major releases only have a limited support lifetime.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 2) 93

by InterBigs (#47683827) Attached to: Not Just For ThinkPads Anymore: Lenovo Gets OK To Buy IBM Server Line
Yes, I believe Slashdot's server is actually a Netbook left by CmdrTaco years ago. Who needs redundant dual-port disks with multiple controller paths, the ability to run more than 32GB RAM (with ECC), redundant power supplies, hot swappable disks, power supplies, fans and even PCI cards, centralized remote management and monitoring, motherboards built with components that actually last at least 3 years under stressful workloads and environments, 4-hour support contracts, certified hardware-software combinations so there is never any worry about compatibility, right?

+ - Building a new spy-proof Internet - the Edge Net->

Submitted by pieterh
pieterh (196118) writes "The Edge Net lives safely at the edge of the Internet, on our smart phones. It uses mobile WiFi hotspots to create "cells" for exchanging news and content. Cells talk to cells, asynchronously, covering neighborhoods, and cities. The Edge Net doesn't exist yet. This project is about building it. The fundraiser project raised $1,700 in its first day."
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Comment: Re:Not Upgradeable? (Score 1) 464

That's not really what workstation users do. They happily pay Apple, HP, Dell or whomever a premium to get a combination of hardware that's guaranteed to work. People that put things like cheap consumer SSD's in workstations get the short end of the stick in the end.

Comment: Being a Linux user in a Mac OS X world (Score 1) 965

by InterBigs (#43168553) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?
My main work and home machines run Mac OS X, but I have a Fedora 18 (w/ Gnome 3) box on the side. I'm really impressed with how far Linux has come, but man.. if you think being an OS X user in a Windows world was hard 10 years ago try being a Linux user in an OS X/Windows world. Even though my main tools (Vim mostly) run fine on Linux, there's a lot of small things I miss from OS X. I'm not happy with the direction Mac OS X is going (especially how Apple keeps breaking the Unix side of things), but on the other hand I'm really glad that the OS has finally become sort of mainstream (in terms of software support etc.). Besides, I feel really comfortable using OS X, so I'm not switching for now. However I can heartily recommend you give Linux a try for 30 days, because it really has come a long way on the desktop.

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