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Comment: software sucks (Score 5, Interesting) 694

by InsprdInsnty (#31900412) Attached to: Why Computer Science Students Cheat
One of my lecturers decided to test our university's plagarism software as it was coming back with a unusually high number of false positives. As soon as he submitted a sample he wrote it came back positive for plagarism even though he answered a question just using the knowledge he had gained over his 20+ years experience in the industry. He and many other people in the department put hardly any weight on the results that pop up. His issue with using it is that the content of the course changes so little that with every iteration of students passing through the school its more likely to have incorrect results as its saves a copy of the submission to add to its database. I myself have had work come back as plagarised beacuse there arte only so many ways to write the same damn sentance.

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