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+ - Revenge of the SysAdmin (Happy SysAdmin Day!)->

Submitted by InsertWittyNameHere
InsertWittyNameHere (1438813) writes "

Have you ever fantasized about what your life would be like if you, say, hired the Mafia to handle your service requests? Well, SysAid has created a short, HILARIOUS movie trailer starring members of the SysAid team that combines the Sopranos and your daily life dealing with IT tasks and needy end users.


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+ - GoDaddy for Sale-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "After the owner said he would never sell it looks like 2 Billion Dollars or 2.5 Billion dollars makes anyone want to get out of the business."
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+ - FTC To Open Antitrust Investigation Against Google->

Submitted by
itwbennett writes "According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing to serve subpoenas to Google as a first step in a broad antitrust investigation focusing on whether Google search is unfairly driving traffic to its other sites. Representatives of Google and the FTC declined to comment on the report, although an FTC spokesperson did deny that the report came from them."
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+ - New Find Boosts Prospects for Life on Enceladus->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Spouting plumes of ice and water vapor certainly make Enceladus one of the solar system's liveliest places. But continuing studies of the composition of those plumes are now making Saturn's icy moon the most promising place to look for extraterrestrial life. New data from the Cassini spacecraft reveals strong evidence for liquid water beneath the deeply frigid surface—an ocean, a sea, or at least water-filled cracks."
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+ - Fired IT worker replaces CEO's PPT with porn-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "52-year-old Walter Powell wanted revenge when he was fired from his position as an IT manager at Baltimore Substance Abuse System Inc.

So, he hacked into their systems — installing keyloggers to steal passwords.

And then, when his CEO was giving a presentation on a 64 inch TV to the board of directors... he replaced the slides with pornographic images of naked women.

Powell has now been given a 2 year suspended sentence, and 100 hours community service.

The moral? Don't piss off your IT staff"

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Comment: Re:God, I can sympathize (Score 2) 538

by InsertWittyNameHere (#36474834) Attached to: Why Businesses Move To the Cloud: They Hate IT
To me it sounds like you don't have authority in the company to push these changes. I'm an IT manager and when these kinds of requests come in they have to be approved by a CXO, VP, or some other senior executive, that is the decision maker for that area of the company. Otherwise how do I know that this new program or this new website is in line with the company's goals and direction? You should take your case higher up and get the right people to support your project/request. Also, sometimes the person requesting something is trying to solve a problem but they're requesting the wrong tool for the job or they're overlooking an existing tool. Here are a few examples:

I got a request a couple weeks ago from a VP to change our AV gateway servers from Trend Micro to Norton. And I said no. Reason #1 - IT decides what AV to use, that's why you pay them to make these kinds of decisions. Reason #2 - changing the AV software on all of our gateways would cost money for licenses and time deployment so we can't just change it willy nilly.

I got a request from a manager for Blackberrys for all of his staff. I said no because corporate policy doesn't allow that. The people who run the company decided that it's a waste of money to give each employee a Blackberry. It's not even my decision.

I got a request from a manager wanting Photoshop for all of her staff. I said no because our business has absolutely nothing to do with creating graphics or touching up pictures. I asked her what problem she's trying to solve and she said they need to resize pictures sometimes. All of our computers have Paint.NET installed so I just sent someone for their local helpdesk to round them up in a boardroom and give a quick demo of using Paint.NET to accomplish what they needed. Everybody wins.

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