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Comment Re:Dear MS. You Really Don't Want To Spy On Users. (Score 1) 394

Paula Deen lost millions because she said a bad word about someone who had held a gun to her head, twenty years after it happened.

You know I'd never heard of this woman so I looked it up. You are in fact totally wrong.

She in fact did not have her show renewed when a court case was started against her, her brother and her company alleging "several instances of sexual and racial workplace discrimination." The gun incident was one she admitted (during the case as testimony) to using the word Nigger about and the show was already canceled by then, it didn't cause the cancellation.

Comment Re: Is systemd involved at all? (Score 1) 378

Remember, Microsoft designed the tools that people use for creating the machines... the ACPI table in particular. And they were designed to shit on Linux.

Not quite accurate. Microsoft was one of a GROUP of companies that worked on that. If I recall correctly a E-Mail was unearthed in one of the anti Microsoft lawsuits (Comes?) from Bill Gates about how they should mess up ACPI when used on Linux.

This was the same Bill Gates who later went on about a "Kinder, gentler capitalism.

Comment Re:Landmines for peace (Score 1) 262

Worse than land mines. The land mine goes off once and is done with its killing/maiming. The "weapon" can keep killing until its magazine is empty and may be mobile to search out targets. The location land mines are deployed in can be known. A mobile autonomous weapon endangers a much larger area. If it can repower/refuel/reload itself the endangered area is much larger again. If it is intelligent enough it could use other resources to multiply its killing power such as firing weapons at targets to cause explosions (refinery tankage for example or tanker trucks). Intelligent enough and it could fight a guerrilla war lasting months or years.

Over the long term the danger of AI is our turning over the means of production to them then "provoking" them into attacking us. They need not even have self awareness or awareness of us as people, just have us be a problem to be solved where violence is the discovered solution.

Comment Re: There are always options. (Score 1) 628

Lucky fucking you. I've twice had updates screw the pooch. One when it replaced the CURRENT driver for the motherboard with a GENERIC and incompabtilbe one resulting in a bludescreen. The other was an IE update that blocked all access to the internet. You could CONNECT but NOT access with ANY program. Which is a good reason why IE should NEVER have been INTEGRATED with Windows. MY FUCKING COMPUTER MY FUCKING DECISIONS ON WHO CONTROLLS IT! Namely ME damnit!

Comment Re:What is your solution? (Score 1) 510

Back in the 20s and 30s in the US, the mob ran roughshod over the land. The only way devised to corral them-- because of massive corruption on local, state, and federal levels-- was to invoke tax laws. It worked. It got Capone, and a bunch of the mob.

What really ended that era of gangsterism? Prohibition was repealed. We didn't see the return of that type of gangsterism until the war on drugs.

The war on drugs doesn't stop or restrict drug use it creates wealthy powerful gangsters.

This type of privacy violating law needs to go. If you are suspected of a crime the cops should need to get a warrant to have the banks show them your transactions. Monitoring your finances without a warrant is not fundamentally different than tapping your phone or planting a GPS on your car without one.

Comment Address errors, hacking (Score 1) 615

I've already encountered address errors where due to the GPS having erroneous data the driver was unwilling to accept he was not at the right place. How do you handle a robot that KNOWS it is droppng its load on you and it is wrong? A human can have the sign on the bulding and the street sign pointed out to them to prove they are wrong. How do you reason with the software?

How many loads redirected by hackers before they need men to "ride shotgun" on the load?

Comment Re:Bill Gates is a benevolent philanthropist (Score 3, Insightful) 165

He SAYS he is giving away 90% of his wealth. Most of what he has "given" away so far is in his charity - which he controls. Tax free and growing. Much of what he gives away is to promote his own interests like when the Indian province had its education system going Linux till he gave them money to buy Microsoft stuff. His charity has also lobbied in support of patent laws that Microsoft likes and against those that would allow cheaper drugs for places like Africa. When you still control it and use it for your own benefit it hasn't been given away.

Comment Re:But *are* there enough eyes? (Score 1) 255

You would submit a problem ticket. If enough people submit them, it becomes a priority for a paid developer to address the issue.

It becomes a priority to fix for the next paid for release. For a patch to the current release? Only if they must.

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