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Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 1) 339

Corporations are not people and should not ever be offended. Being rude to a company should not affect the way the company does business or whom it does business with. It is just Musk being a douche, because he's becoming arrogant.

Except the OPEN LETTER was not to Tesla but to ELON MUSK. Musk responded with a personalized response. "You don't like our work ? FINE! We won't sell it to you. Bye have a nice life.

Comment Re:Downloading != Installing (Score 1) 288

I have a 10 gb limit before I start having my Internet throttled. Two windows 7 machines on it can take 70% of my monthly connection and those are the least used machines (one doesn't even have a keyboard attached. Having MS enforced downloads of Win 10 that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT AND WILL NOT USE take most of my months Internet away from me would be beyond annoying. Didn't the XBox always on Internet connection debacle teach them anything?

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1) 696

I can't give you a meter or room when the entire lane isn't a meter wide.

That is bloody hilarious. If the lane isn't a meter wide your car won't FIT in it and you don't belong there anyhow.

The reason for the meter is the wind of passage. You pass at too high a speed, especially with a big vehicle and you suck the bike into you. The closer you are the smaller the vehicle and lower the speed to suck in the cyclist. Give the meter and the cyclist isn't as affected and has time to pull away. Also some vehicles have mirrors that project far enough out to wipe out the cyclist, especially trucks where those mirrors can strike the head of the cyclist.

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1) 696

But that also means when there are a half dozen vehicles waiting at a signal, that bicyclist doesn't decide he can just pass everyone on the right and move to the front (or, worse, cruise through the intersection) - he needs to wait in line like everyone else.

If the cyclist is the first in line and stays at the side of the road the car behind virtually always pulls up beside him. Such a driver often makes a right turn in front of the cyclist who now being beside the driver cannot see the turn signal the driver may or may not be making. If the cyclist waits to find out what that driver is doing the next driver is up beside him and he has to wait again and again or take the risk of going through.

Fun one I find is when I'm in the bike lane and the car lane is stopped but I'm not drivers will make a sharp right swing of their car and block my lane so I can't go. Obstructing traffic like that is illegal even if it is "only" the bike lane. They get mad as hell if I use a driveway or mall parking lot to go around them. :) Then there are the drivers who come along in the rain watching for pedestrians and swerving into the gutter just as they pass to soak the pedestrian. Lots of asshole drivers who don't obey the law out there. It isn't just cyclists.

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1) 696

The reason most cyclist don't use the hand signal for stop is hand brakes. The left one that applies the brake to the rear wheel is controlled by the same arm you use to signal the braking. The old fashioned pedal controlled braking allowed full braking with the arm signal. Stopping at high speed with only the front brake means wiping out.

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1) 696

As an occasional pedestrian (less than once a month over the last 38 years) in Toronto I can testify that Toronto drivers are lousy. I've got a crossing signal and drivers are forcing their way through the crosswalks pedestrians be damned. I've even had a driver yell at me because he twice attempted to hit me and I refused to give him a third chance when he waved me through the crosswalk he had just vacated. Toronto drivers suck damn it. The cyclists suck too. Not fond of whatever the Toronto Cyclist Union is calling themselves these days either.

Comment Re:I took up biking... (Score 1) 696

I gave up conventional cycling and ride an E-Bike due to a permanent leg injury that attempting to ride a conventional bike made worse.

I ride to work (about 20 miles or 30 km) I see lots of bad cyclists and bad drivers who violate the rules of the road constantly. E-Bike riders and surprisingly motorcycle drivers around here are *better* which is not to say perfect at best as a group they are *good*. I admit I sometimes make errors. I also get harassed by drivers telling me to "get on the sidewalk where I belong", by pedestrians telling me I'm not allowed on the bike path/lane or "shared use" paths (bikes, pedestrians, skaters and skateboarders etc) in spite of the law saying I'm to ride where conventional bikes do. Some if you talk to them and explain the actual law will acknowledge their error others won't even talk just yell and harass and deny anything you say - even when they are in fact riding their bike illegally with not lights for example. A few have complimented me on the care I take not to endanger other path users no matter how stupidly they behave.

I've been stopped by police 4 times. 1/ What are you riding, 2/ missed a stop sign that I couldn't see due to overhanging branches that blocked my view from near the curb. A driver who is nearer the center line could see it. Wasn't ticketed and now I watch across the road to see the back of stop signs facing the other way. 3/ My route took me on a path where there was a road block due to a fatal accident and I wasn't allowed through leaving me 3 choices, wait till the investigation ended (hours) go over a bridge with much faster traffic or go the wrong way on a one way street (no sidewalk to walk the bike on and in front of the cop) and 4/ The cop has a personal policy against E-Bikes on bike lanes. Yeah he was making up his own laws and got threatening when I asked about the law being changed and cited the actual law which I HAVE read. Only once had I made an actual error and that was because the sign was not visible from the curb where I am supposed to ride. As a conventional cyclist I was stopped once for my headlight not working. Since I was actually on a private parking lot not a street and the cop didn't see me on a street I don't know if he could have ticketed me or not legally. He accepted me partially true answer about the batteries dying, they had died the prior night and were in fact fully charged in the charger at home where I had forgotten them along with the topped up spared I'd finished that ride with so "It was true from a certain point of view" :) .

Comment Re:Dear MS. You Really Don't Want To Spy On Users. (Score 1) 394

Paula Deen lost millions because she said a bad word about someone who had held a gun to her head, twenty years after it happened.

You know I'd never heard of this woman so I looked it up. You are in fact totally wrong.

She in fact did not have her show renewed when a court case was started against her, her brother and her company alleging "several instances of sexual and racial workplace discrimination." The gun incident was one she admitted (during the case as testimony) to using the word Nigger about and the show was already canceled by then, it didn't cause the cancellation.

Comment Re: Is systemd involved at all? (Score 1) 378

Remember, Microsoft designed the tools that people use for creating the machines... the ACPI table in particular. And they were designed to shit on Linux.

Not quite accurate. Microsoft was one of a GROUP of companies that worked on that. If I recall correctly a E-Mail was unearthed in one of the anti Microsoft lawsuits (Comes?) from Bill Gates about how they should mess up ACPI when used on Linux.

This was the same Bill Gates who later went on about a "Kinder, gentler capitalism.

Comment Re:Landmines for peace (Score 1) 262

Worse than land mines. The land mine goes off once and is done with its killing/maiming. The "weapon" can keep killing until its magazine is empty and may be mobile to search out targets. The location land mines are deployed in can be known. A mobile autonomous weapon endangers a much larger area. If it can repower/refuel/reload itself the endangered area is much larger again. If it is intelligent enough it could use other resources to multiply its killing power such as firing weapons at targets to cause explosions (refinery tankage for example or tanker trucks). Intelligent enough and it could fight a guerrilla war lasting months or years.

Over the long term the danger of AI is our turning over the means of production to them then "provoking" them into attacking us. They need not even have self awareness or awareness of us as people, just have us be a problem to be solved where violence is the discovered solution.

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