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by Insanity Defense (#47953627) Attached to: Microsoft Kills Off Its Trustworthy Computing Group

Trusted computing was always destined to be vaporware. Nobody wanted it.

Untrue. The big media companies want it so they can controll your media use. Consider that MS got a patent which would allow them to tell how many people (in the home) viewed a movie at once. The big media companies would just LOVE to charge you each time an individual "consumes" their product. No more copy ownership just a constant income source to the media corp.

Corporate Big Brother is just as dangerous as the government form.

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by Insanity Defense (#47834599) Attached to: Is There a Creativity Deficit In Science?

According to science, there is no creator. So no, there is no creativity. Since there is no creativity, there can be no lack of creativity.

No. "The creator" if any is supernatural. Science researchs nature. The supernatural if any is not researchable at present. As such "the creator" is irrelevant to science, irrelevant NOT denied.

Please explain how YOU would propose to scientifically test "the creator".

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Did you follow how DOCX came to be "standardized"? Specifically the scandalous way they manipulated the ISO standards process?

How about the parts of the standard that say things like "Do it like Office 9x does" without defining how that is? A "standard" that is not fully defined and which Microsoft itself has yet to fully and compliantly implement.

Then there are other things like MS coming up with their own way to define leap years which results in disagreement with the existing international standards for what and when a leap year is.

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by Insanity Defense (#46630215) Attached to: Supreme Court Skeptical of Computer-Based Patents
And there are multiple appeals at the PTO. As I recall on the FAT patent MS was finally confirmed by the PTO and the final level of appeal took place behind closed doors with only the Patent Office people and Microsoft representatives, the people opposing it were not allowed to take part or review what happened. So even the PTO level appeals can go on and on and on.

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by Insanity Defense (#46324689) Attached to: "Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

I know what MS is up to. they sell software and I'm their customer.

You are not and never were Microsofts customer. You are at most the customer of Microsofts customer.

We the end users were not clamoring for DRM, but we are stuck with it. If we were the customer DRM would not exist as we don't want it (especially when it bites us on the ass for being honest). We didn't clamor for a Phone UI on a desktop computer. Neither did we ask for an online store that is locked to Microsoft. So why is Microsoft shoving all this down our throats if we are the customer?

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