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Comment Re:Smart (Score 2) 182 182

They've been passing laws in Canada using this technique for at least a decade. More recently there was the 'With us or with the child pornographers' comment by Vic Toews which pretty much ended his career. People are getting a bit more savvy to this type of bullshit.

Comment Re:So a bicyclist is safer..... (Score 1) 490 490

I do most of what you've described. Bicycles and motor vehicles are not the same. Bicycles don't deal death to motorists but motorists can very easily deal death to cyclists. This means the safest route is to travel on the sidewalk when traffic is heavy and there are no pedestrians. If there are cars in the vicinity of the stop sign, I (and most cyclists I've seen) will stop. In most cases I can think of, right-of-way rules apply regardless of being car, bicycle, or pedestrian - so don't use that to justify being an asshole. Clearly, cyclists should not be blasting through stop lights & stop signs without looking or yielding.

Comment Re:Authoritarian Oligarchy vs. Democracy (Score 1) 623 623

Things are rarely black and white. I applaud the Ukrainians ridding themselves of what appeared/was a corrupt government. As I understand, the Russians reacted to what appeared to be (and probably was) Western meddling. To me, this whole situation has been a matter of action-reaction. And at the very least, the Russians seem to have a sense of humour! Now that the Russians have had their fun, making a mockery of Western "democratic" nations, I really hope Putin decides to stop at the Crimea or else shit could get really serious.

That said, I hope you honestly don't believe you live in a democracy. I think that's very naive. Whether the government is Russian, or American, its unlikely its any friend of ours.

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