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+ - Buy your own Fab@Home, fully assembled->

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Infinityis writes "If you want a Fab@Home but do not want to build it from scratch, you can now buy one fully assembled. Automated Creation Technologies is a startup company that provides open source tools and services related to 3D production technologies. They will have a booth at the upcoming Maker Faire in Austin, TX this weekend, so you can stop by, check it out, and take a 3D printer home with you that day!"
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Hardware Hacking

+ - Melt a server's hit counter via Slashdot Effect

Submitted by Infinityis
Infinityis (807294) writes "We talk all the time about melting servers with the Slashdot Effect, but this one has potential to actually do it. It's a mechanical hit counter for a webpage. If it gets spinning fast enough, it could theoretically generate enough friction to melt. Unfortunately, the fastest this one increments is 20 hits/minute), so we might have to wait for version 2.0 before burnination begins..."

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