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+ - From Child on Street to Nobel Laureate->

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anaghag writes: "Washington Post has a story on Mario R. Capecchi, who won the Nobel prize in Medicine for 2007.
It is remarkable for the will, hardwork and luck.
Mario R. Capecchi's earliest memories are of his mother being arrested by the Nazis.
In 1941, Capecchi, then a young boy living in the Italian Alps, saw the Gestapo haul away his mother, a poet who had allied herself with anti-Fascist intellectuals. The arrest was the start of a remarkable journey for Capecchi, one that included being a homeless street urchin, suffering from malnutrition in an Italian hospital, immigrating to the United States — and yesterday, winning the Nobel Prize in medicine."

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+ - Microsoft limits number of Hotmail recipients-> 1

Submitted by crowbarsarefornerdyg
crowbarsarefornerdyg writes: Apparently, Microsoft has decided that only the first 10 hotmail or msn email recipients will get the mail. The rest will be bounced back with a 552: Too Many Recipients error. From TFA:

Now we're fielding reader tips that Hotmail has placed Draconian limits on the number of Hotmail recipients who can receive an email. The first 10 Hotmail addresses included in a mass email go through just fine, according to these reports. But any additional addresses are returned to sender with a message that reads: "552 Too many recipients." (Microsoft denies it has placed any such restriction on the number of senders.)

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+ - Walmart Schooled: Basic Online Security->

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LoLo writes: "In Walmart's infinite wisdom, they didn't bother registering the most common domain typos for their new Walmart MoneyCard website. Being the sweetheart that I am, I went ahead and grabbed a couple of them: and And, I linked both of them to the correct web address and a blog entry explaining all the evil evil bad bad things I could have done with them. I'm not positive but I think this is the first time anyone has used a typo domain in a way that could be argued as "fair use". So, I'm not giving them up."
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+ - Sony BMG claims copyright on fair-use media->

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An anonymous reader writes: Thy searching Youtube for scenes from the recent concert in Orlando where Beyonce fell on her face off the stairs in front of the entire audience, some of whom had cameras and recorded it... it seems that Beyonce + Sony BMG have gone on a copyright spree takedown claim on what clearly are fair-use clips. They even took down a 13-second clip that was posted an year ago, which contained a similar fall of Beyonce:

Yet they clearly left untouched and online other full-length videoclips of Beyonce.

Also, try searching for "beyonce fall" or "beyonce falls" (WITH the quotes), Youtube returns slightly different results for each search.

55 second clip of the fall, still online, not sure for how long though. The close encounter with the floor is right at the start, lol:

Here are a few other Beyonce fall scenes taken down by Sony BMG with false copyright claims on what is clearly fair use: (links taken from the youtube search results, might not be worth mentioning if the story is published, as they are dead/killed by youtube at the moment)

39 seconds-clip of fall taken down:

13 seconds-clip of fall taken down (different from the year old one mentioned above)

51 seconds clip of the fall, taken down by Sony:

1 min 12 sec clip of the fall, taken down:

2 minute-clip of fall taken down:

2 min 13 sec clip of the fall, taken down by sony:

2 min 5 sec clip of the fall, taken down:

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+ - A bunch of characters trying to play loony toons

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Lil Joe
Lil Joe writes: "Loony toon impersonation

        "You're despicable!" Daffy Duck yelled.
"Cut!" yelled the director, Joey.
"What is it now?!" yelled the irritated Daffy.
Bugz took some comfort in seeing Daffy was irritated.
"You're supposed to say it with the 'th' sound, like you have lisp!" Joey said.
"Why?" Daffy asked.
"Just do it! And get the cameras rolling!" Joey demanded.
"You're Dithpicable!" Daffy said.
In the next scene Elmer Fudd showed up.
"Rabbit season!" said Daffy Duck.
"Duck season!" Bugz said.
"Rabbit season!"
"Duck season!"
"Rabbit season!"
"Rabbit season!" said Bugz.
"Duck season and that's final! Shoot the duck! Shoot the duck now!" Daffy yelled.
Elmer shot Daffy.
Realizing what Bugz had done to him, he turned to him and muttered, "You're Dithpicable...""
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - 12 Games from the Year 2010

Submitted by
Mike Michelson
Mike Michelson writes: "Or at least, the ones a bunch of gamers got together and dreamed up screenshots for. This article really begs the question of just what developers will be getting out of our consoles three years from now. And whether these games are hopeless wishful thinking or not, it sure is fun to think about."
PC Games (Games)

+ - How to Get Yourself Permanently Banned

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Stinkerbelle writes: " is covering a story of a dedicated World of Warcraft player and the royal screwing he received at the hands of a gold-selling company. The goblin staffers give the scoop on how Booz the Mage got used, lied to, mistreated, and even managed to get all his accounts permanently banned from World of Warcraft. On top of everything else, Booz paid them to do it to him."

+ - Cold Fusion Reborn?

Submitted by Icarus1919
Icarus1919 writes: New Scientist reports that the scientist who discovered a possible fusion reaction by bombarding a solvent with neutrons and sonic waves (known as cold fusion because you don't have to deal with those sun-like temperatures and magnetic fields) has recently been exonerated of accusations of scientific misconduct Purdue University following the verification of his results by another scientist. Is cold fusion back?

How A "Superbaby" Is Helping To Find Muscular Dystrophy Treatments 93

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the hercules-hercules dept.
An anonymous reader writes to tell us that a baby boy with unusually big muscles — caused by a gene mutation — is helping scientists to discover new muscular dystrophy drugs. "Myostatin was discovered in mice in 1992 in Lee's Johns Hopkins lab. In 1996 he proved its importance by showing that mice without the myostatin-producing gene got twice as big. The next year he discovered that the bulging Belgian Blue cow was a myostatin mutant, the first of eight prized cattle breeds later found to have the mutation. The company he had co-founded, MetaMorphix, is working on manipulating myostatin to beef up livestock. Wyeth picked up the rights to develop a drug for humans. Its experimental antibody drug produced bulked-up mice in 2002, and results of a trial in adults with muscular dystrophy are expected as early as March."

+ - Firefox 3 to support offline apps

Submitted by thinkingpen
thinkingpen writes: Read/Write web is carrying an interesting story about Firefox 3. From the article — "An interesting tidbit came out of the recent Foo Camp New Zealand (which unfortunately I wasn't able to attend). Robert O'Callahan from Mozilla, who is based in NZ but drives the rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications. This is significant because you'll be able to use your web apps — like Gmail, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc — in the browser even when offline. I deliberately mentioned all Google web apps there, because of course this plays right into Google's hands." Now thats web 3.0 ?

+ - Computer history on a postage stamp.

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Terry Mitchell
Terry Mitchell writes: "Computer history on a postage stamp. On 1st March 2007 Bletchley Park Post Office will celebrate one of the most significant events in the history of the computer. It is the creation by British Post Office engineers of the world's first electronic computer in 1943. To coincide with the issue of Royal Mail's "World of Invention" stamps it will issue a first day cover featuring Colossus. This was the World's first semi-programmable electronic computer. That it was designed and built by Post Office engineers is a unique historical twist. The first of these massive room sized machines was installed at Bletchley Park in December 1943. Its job was to crack Adolf Hitler's personal codes ahead of the D-day landings. The limited edition first day cover will feature rare wartime photographs of Colossus in action and the men responsible for this technological breakthrough. The stamps will be cancelled using a facsimile of a Colossus valve. Proceeds from the cover will go towards preserving Bletchley Park as a national heritage site. 1000 covers will be issued at £12.50 plus £1.50 post and packing. A replica of a Colossus computer has been rebuilt at Bletchley Park and completion is expected by mid-summer. It represents years of work by a team of volunteers with little to go on but scraps of drawings and a few photographs. At the end of World War Two Winston Churchill ordered all trace of the Colossi computers destroyed so that such advanced technology did not fall into the hands of a future enemy. The rebuilt machine, which can be viewed at Bletchley Park, is featured on the rear of the first day cover. The first day cover can only be obtained direct from Bletchley Park Post Office, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB, through the web site at or by calling +44(0)1908 272690/631797."

Work without a vision is slavery, Vision without work is a pipe dream, But vision with work is the hope of the world.