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Comment: Re:How sensationalist ... absolutely secure, haha! (Score 1) 235

by the morgawr (#14230653) Attached to: Totally Secure Non-Quantum Communications?
Do either of you realize that the entire point of publishing in an academic journal is to allow for other experts to review the research and either pound away at it or build on it? This is a new discovery. It will take time for the reasearch to find all of the implications and work everything out. This is just the first paper on the topic. If the research is promissing, other people will extend or critique this work going foward.
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Journal: The Importance of Economics

Journal by the morgawr

At least 3/4, maybe as many as 9/10 of the problems, in the USA can be explained with economics. Economic theory predicts that certain government actions will cause certain problems. Lo and behold! The US government has taken these actions. Miracle of miracles! The problems predicted by economics have appeared.

The decision doesn't have to be logical; it was unanimous.