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Submission + - Russian internet trolls? Who'd have guessed?

baegucb writes: I rarely submit a story, but this might have some lively debate "The trolls are employed by Internet Research, which Russian news reports say is financed by a holding company headed by Putin's friend and personal chef. Those who have worked there say they have little doubt that the operation is run from the Kremlin."

According to

Comment James Comey: the Man Who Wants To Outlaw Encryptio (Score 1) 241 241

> "There has not been a tradeoff between liberty and security in our response to terrorism in this country and in our efforts to offer security to the people of the United States," said James Comey, now the director of the FBI. Comey was the number two man in the Department of Justice during the Bush years when NSA and law enforcement surveillance of Americans grew to unprecedented heights. Now he's pushing to stop encryption by default on Apple and Android devices.


Submission + - X-37B to fly again

schwit1 writes: The May 6 Atlas 5 launch will carry one of the Air Force’s two X-37B mini-shuttles on a new mission in space.

The Air Force won’t yet confirm which of the Boeing-built spaceplanes will be making the voyage. The first craft returned in October from a 675-day mission in space following a 224 day trek in 2010. OTV No. 2 spent 469 days in space in 2011-2012 on its only mission so far. “The program selects the Orbital Test Vehicle for each activity based upon the experiment objectives,” said Capt. Chris Hoyler, an Air Force spokesperson. “Each OTV mission builds upon previous on-orbit demonstrations and expands the test envelope of the vehicle. The test mission furthers the development of the concept of operations for reusable space vehicles.”

There are indications that the Air Force wants to attempt landing the shuttle at Kennedy this time.

Comment WANT. (Score 2) 330 330

I am so, so tired of short, wide screens. My home monitor is 1600x1200. I've had one that size for years and years. When the last one - a CRT - died, it was a hassle to find an LCD monitor that wasn't either shorter (no thanks - not going backward) or far more expensive. For work - software development - a tall wide monitor would be an absolute joy. Most likely it'll be out of my price range, but we'll see.

Comment Jezus Slashdot, can you get off this shit already? (Score 1) 554 554

Getting *so fucking tired* of these windbag half-Eurosocialist opinion pieces masquerading as pleas for social justice. "News for nerds, stuff that matters!" You may have taken it off the front page, but at least *try* to stick to the format ok?

The whole premise here is "low gas prices are BAD because Americans aren't suffering enough for their evil ways. But they'll suffer more if we raise gas taxes, so let's do that! Oh and we're all fine with applying the thumbscrews the tightest to the people who can afford it the least." Look. I'm absolutely in favor of energy efficiency, in automobiles and everywhere else. I'm even in favor of social justice! But this shit is getting old.

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