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Comment: HUH? (Score 1, Interesting) 891

by Indes (#38616088) Attached to: Why Fuel Efficiency Advances Haven't Translated To Better Gas Mileage

I live in Ontario Canada. Gas here is anywhere between $4.30-4.75 a US GALLON, in CANADIAN DOLLARS (worth less than US Dollars).
Meanwhile, when I'm in the USA, I can get gas for anywhere in the $3.xx a gallon range.
It physically hurts to see people line up here for $4.10/US GAL gasoline. It hasn't increased public transit usage - after all, this IS North America, not Europe.

Raising prices (via tax) to give to the people (politicians) who can't spend the money properly is a BAD IDEA anyway.
It's like giving drugs to a drug addict. They'll just abuse it.

  Why don't you give incentives to the private sector -- Tax breaks on new cars where MPG meets a certain requirement? Gas guzzling cars would soon be off the market entirely as car makers would opt to make more efficient cars, as a profit margin on them would be greater due to lower taxes.


+ - What if the economic unit of account was the watt? 2

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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "I am no economist but if certain individuals are to be believed fiat currency is a bag of lies. With energy seeming to be the driving force behind our economy, something we'll always need in some form or another, would it make sense to move to a monetary system in which each dollar represents a fixed amount of energy? Would such monetary policy push us toward reliable and renewable energy sources... would everyone buy solar panels in some futuristic version of a gold rush? I'm just curious to see what Slashdot readers, especially those with an economic background, have to say."

+ - Beer Bubbles and Mathematics

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An anonymous reader writes "Ever look into a glass a beer and wonder if it held the secret to some profound question? Mathematicians have unraveled a mystery involving those beautiful bubbles that float in the amber nectar which may help metallurgist. Check out: tories/2007/05/29/sci_beerfoam.ART_ART_05-29-07_B5 _F76R11Q.html"

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