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Comment: Re: Surprise? (Score 1) 579

by Immostlyharmless (#47700633) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft
Agreed, I'm not exactly a total noob when it comes to using the command line, it was almost necessary to learn DOS even to run Windows 95 back in the day assuming you wanted to do anything a semi-power user might want to do. That being said. I've tried various flavors of *nix over the past years, Ubuntu 9, 11 and a few before that, Mint 14, 16, 17. They are ok, if all you want to do is browse and check email. I currently have Mint 16 running on relatively decent hardware. (Dual core e8500 with 4 gigs of RAM and a 280GTX card.) It's slow, it works, but seems like it hangs every now and again for no apparent reason, I tried putting steam on both 14 and 16, Gave me some sort of GLX/glide error something or another? Updated those drivers, then Nvidias drivers crapped out....I can't even use it as a secondary gaming machine for the *nix native games. I don't mind attempting to fix something that breaks, but attempting to fix something that just doesn't work without trying a million different random suggestions on a forum board someplace just doesn't cut it anymore.

Comment: Against the ADA? (Score 5, Insightful) 76

Not sure, but I'm fairly certain that making deaf/blind/etc pay more for specific fast lanes to ensure content that is easier for them to use MIGHT be against the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). I'm not sure Verizon was thinking this one through. The ADA has some serious teeth.

Comment: My Intel SSD sucks... (Score 2) 293

by Immostlyharmless (#45801455) Attached to: Power-Loss-Protected SSDs Tested: Only Intel S3500 Passes
120 gig version, Randomly hangs for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes at any given, access lights go on, and the computer becomes more or less non responsive, I can see the mouse cursor move, but no dice for anything else. Have tried reading forum advice and disabling certain power management settings, same problem. No firmware updates, and it's slow. My daughters WD 500 gig blue edition is damned near as fast loading levels in games. Pure waste of money, I'll never buy another SSD.

Comment: Re:Sigh ... (Score 3, Informative) 352

by Immostlyharmless (#45013791) Attached to: German NSA Critic Denied Entry To the US
"Even last year was the American Consulate in Munich my application for a work visa for the purpose of visiting professor at Washington University in St. Louis first negative opinion and only after protests by the university and a significant delay, which could pass a portion of the semester useless, the visa is issued."

From googles translate, but it doesn't to me like he was denied as it was eventually issued?

Comment: Re:You and me both (Score 2, Interesting) 965

by Immostlyharmless (#43165167) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?
I have to admit, I really like Windows 7. I've tried various distros of *nix and they all left me in the cold when I realized that I had to hack a bunch of files to get my video/lan/wireless/modem working, and then pray like hell that what worked for one guy on a forum someplace would also work on my machine but never did. Windows 7 is the first version of Windows that I haven't felt like I needed to reinstall every 4-8 months just to keep it running stably with some snap. Hoping to eventually stick it on all the machines in my house. I haven't tried Windows 8 yet, but...with as well as 7 seems to run, (at least for me.) I can't see the need to 'upgrade'.

Comment: Re:But no mention of why (Score 1) 659

There are things that a doctor may think in the background and not necessarily discuss with the patient while they are trying to figure out what's going on (Things like noncompliant patients, narcotic abusers, the fact that people will downright lie (due to embarrassment or nonacceptance of their condition) to their doc). As a practitioner, one still has to have a functional relationship with someone. That's not possible if one person in the relationship has access to every little thought the other person has about them. Think about it, do you tell you friend everything you've ever thought about them, negative or otherwise? Of course not, why not? you know why doctors wouldn't want patients to have access to everything written about them from the Doctors point of view.

Comment: Re:Arrogance (Score 1) 659

I think you forget what it is that these people actually *DO* for a living. At some point during their surgical rotation every doctor has to cut into a human body in an attempt to fix it. Do you think for a second, that if they weren't 100% assured of their abilities that they would even attempt such a thing? Of course they have a god complex, it's a requirement of the job.

If most people fuck up, someones hamburger doesn't end up with lettuce on it, or someone has to wait an extra hour while someone else retypes up a memo, or perhaps, worse case scenario, someone loses some money. If a doctor fucks up, someone dies. So yes, they need to have that God complex going on, because if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to get up in the morning and do what they do.

Comment: Re:Why is there a wi-fi crisis? (Score -1) 186

Um, yeah, 4 desktops, 2 tablets, 3 phones, 1 blu ray player, 2 tvs, and an xbox 360.....and no matter how many more devices I hook up, I still am limited to 16 megs at the cable modem...? I *wish* I had more speed, but until they scale my wired connection up by a factor of almost 20 my wireless is fine. Im sure it will happen, eventually, cause my cable has only taken 15 years to go from 1.5 megs to 16, hell 300 should be right around the corner...

Comment: Re:Why is there a wi-fi crisis? (Score 1) 186

Well granted, I scaled this down to my own usage when I posted this, but is it not the backbone providers claiming they are being saturated? I assume I can see where one localized wide area wireless network with +1 gigabit speeds might be useful, but how much extra are we really going to eek out of it over what we have now?

Comment: Re:offtopic... (Score 3, Insightful) 450

Except nudity isn't special, It's how every single person has ever come in to the world. The only reason nudity is special is because a bunch of prudish Holier than thous who weren't getting any decided it was against God to show a little T&A. T&A is not special. It's all over the internet, people give it away for everything from attention to crack to money. Anything that can be bartered for a fiver isn't special, and wishing it so isn't going to change a damned thing.

Comment: Re: 1.6 ghz? (Score 1) 284

by Immostlyharmless (#42772141) Attached to: Next-Gen Console Wars Will Soon Begin In Earnest
No but at the same time, A given chip with a higher clock speed WILL out perform the same chipset at a lower clockspeed. We all know that the AMD chips don't really live up to the intel chips in the gaming arena, so the fact that went with (by todays standards) a very low clocked chip is a curious choice. No?

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