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Comment: Re:Space (Score 1) 58

Hmm... I suppose if you were in a polar orbit, whose plane was being gradually rotated to stay perpendicular to the sun, you could conceivably keep one side of the cable in perpetual shadow for radiant fins, and heavily mirror the sun-facing side. The photon pressure might generate enough torque to coplicate the issue significantly though. Then again, if you shaped that mirror *just* right, maybe you could get the thing to self-stabilize with its orbit facing the sun, so that near-continuous course correction wouldn't be necessary.

Comment: Re:Best idea is not to hide. (Score 1) 214

Ah, but you're not considering all the mosquitoes, ticks, and even flies that will carry infected material away. I mean come on - if the disease can continue to thrive in dead flesh then that fly that walked across your sandwich when you weren't looking has almost certainly infected you. The whole biting thing is just folklore.

Comment: Re:seriously (Score 3, Insightful) 214

When has any military operation ever considered "the enemy" human? In fact a great deal of military training, not to mention wartime PR campaigns, are designed specifically to dehumanize the opponent so that there's less backlash against deploying more "effective" strategies. How many hundreds of civilians have we killed in the middle east for every one of our soldiers that have died there? Far more than anyone would accept if they were "human"

Comment: Re:*sighs* (Score 1) 140

by Immerman (#49164679) Attached to: AVG Announces Invisibility Glasses

Except that, as I recall, they can now do high-accuracy facial recognition based on bone structure alone - something that can't be hidden by dark glasses, hairstyles, or any amount of face paint. If you want to protect your identity we're now in the territory of masks, veils, and facial prosthetics. Just be sure to stand still, because they've made great strides in gait recognition as well.

Comment: Re:"holiday 2015" (Score 1) 88

by Immerman (#49164611) Attached to: Valve and HTC Reveal "Vive" SteamVR Headset

Well, let's see, there's Christmas, Hanukkah, and Pancha Ganapati, among the more popular religions. And dozens more. Or we could go back to the core reason for most institutional celebrations about that time, and the only one with actual physical relevane: the winter solstice. The longest night of the year, and beginning of the return of the sun. Traditional time for all manner of celebrations of rebirth and new beginnings.

Most of what has become "the traditional Christmas celebration": santa, decorated trees, lots of lights, gifts, big meals, etc. have their roots in various pagan soltice celebrations in lands conquered by Christianity: the conquered aren't going to give up their soltice celebrations, so you'd best offer them an alternative so that they can party around your icons instead of their own. Only requires adjusting your calender a little bit...

Comment: Re:here we go again... (Score 1) 88

by Immerman (#49164491) Attached to: Valve and HTC Reveal "Vive" SteamVR Headset

Well, when they make an affordable TV that can do decent 3D without nauseating shutter-glasses, I'll consider it. Though in fairness a lot of the problem is content that tries to make stuff float in front of the screen, which generates horribly unsettling artifacts whenever line-of-sight from one eye extends beyond the edges of the TV. It's an awesome effect when my FOV is filled by a huge movie screen, but it just gets nauseating in my living room. I'd much rather have the TV act as a window to a seperate 3D world than have them try to comingle, badly.

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