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Comment: Re:Technically C++ (Score 1) 172

Given the date he wrote it my guess is it would not have compiled under any standard c compiler. He does most of the foward declarations, but he uses C++ style comments and C++ style void declarations. So, while it might not be OOP it is C++ and likely not valid C.

I'll grab the code tommorow and see what standards gcc4.8 will compiler it under.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 407

This ruling doesn't seem to help avoid the fishing expedition. If anything it almost encourages additional fishing to justify the time it takes to allow backup units to arrive. I mean it doesn't really help outline what is reasonable it doesn't prevent the search if the dog had already been in the car. All it does is create a very slim frame up where you can't wait for another unit to arrive, because you announced you where done with the ticket.

I've been pulled over maybe 4 times since I got my license. I've never had a citation be a quick procedure Normally, just writing the ticket can take 15 minutes. I can think of a one speed trap where I was literally told to wait in-line for my ticket. So, I fail to see how this will help as its just to vague. . Someone above is mentioning forfeiture laws over used in drug corridors. Nothing in this ruling will prevent that, I just suggest you make everyone fill out receipts and better explain why you have large sums of cash on you, because this ruling isn't going to protect you.

Comment: I don't get it (Score 1, Interesting) 407

We do follow a lot of SCOTUS on Slashdot, so I guess the post matches. I'm kind of with the dissent on this if just because the ambiguity of authority this creates. It doesn't look like he was under the influence at the time, but the term "driving out of his lane" does kind of give reasonable cause for drug use, but maybe thats profiling. The article points out that dog searches are legal and its ok to arrest people traffic violations where the search could of been carried out.

I mean think about it, apparently the problem is the officer finished his job then asked the defendant to wait for a second search. If the officer had started a 15 minute search after placing the defendant in his car to ensure he was safe would that have made this incident ok? Searches are legal, but waiting for backup to conduct a search isn't?

Comment: Re: What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 1) 477

This is actually the oppisite of what you propose. I present the argument that on the road now there are near zero unmanned cars. Automated cars will increase this number by some ammount once its legal for a car to operate with out a driver and work as a taxi service as you propose. So Automated cars can only increase the number of empty ones driving around.

Now if the total number of empty cars + populated cars is currently manned cars we wont know for sometime.

Comment: Re:Okay - stop... just fucking stop. (Score 1) 136

by IgnitusBoyone (#49387889) Attached to: It's Time To Open Your Eyes

I'm actually surprised at all the negative post. Everyone of these stories is a chance for us to discuss our fav books or if people want to have a hey day making in-reference post. I've thought several of the point spins were pretty humerious. I haven't had time to post on each story, but I think the blatent day off this April was a better approach then previous years.

Most of the negitive post should just stop giving Slashdot Money by viewing the ads for the day. Instead they insist on making noise which really doesn't discourage this from occuring next year.

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