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Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 220

Of course insurance will be different between a self driving car and a human driving car. Just like it is different between my self and my co-workers based on our driving history. However, the question is what is the insurance for. If I am buying liability insurance for a autonomous object then the rationale like car insurance must be such the vehicles are so likely to be in an accident that I need a method of paying off other individuals before I can recoup my losses from google. This is akin to needing public transit insurance to pay off people hit by a city bus I was ridding. I was not in control of the vehicle at the time of the incident I had no way of prevention the accident from occurring and it would have occurred weather I was on the bus, so the insurance is paid for by the City who operates the bus and not the passengers.

Comment Re:How about cows? (Score 1) 228

That comes with a heavy assumption that the current 4 year politician some how can affect the entire culture of 250ish year old state. Even if a new Governor came in with the sole attempt to stop silly request like this from being denied he would run in to opposition from career employees who thought they could just wait him out. Now that an event has occurred the current individual in charge as a chance to access and retaliate in a proportional manor as deemed necessary.

Comment Re:...against a common enemy (Score 1) 147

We have large enough displays these days that I don't understand why you would want to distort the Aspect Ratio. I sense the gneral consus was it sucked, but I really liked how RE4 made two screens with the same aspect ratio on the display and a small null space instead of super wide or super tall split screen. The viewports were slightly offset so it was easier to not cross screens as well and they could have easily used the null space for a status or map view, but the general concept is to have the exsact same rendering function in both single and co-op play.

Comment Re:This is just the looong tail of the distributio (Score 3, Informative) 122

It is common practice for grad students to include more renowned professors in the lab etc on papers out of respect of their funding. Since your worth as a Primary Investigator (grant holder) is based on the number of papers on your resume, It is the only way of having a career. I've seen papers with 20+ PH.Ds on it where most of them, I know for a fact, have done practically nothing for the paper.

I needed to fix that for you. In general a well funded lab is so busy the PIs do almost nothing buy advise and review to make sure the grant work stays on progress. In reality Grads and Post Docs do 90% of the work in hopes of one day moving to a career in management aka a PI position. I've never meet a PI that has time to work the day to day minutia of science discovery in fact they often lament if they wanted to keep doing science they would have never started a lab.

Comment Re:Investigating if laws were broken (Score 1) 312

This isn't entirely true. When Petit -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... -- Tight roped the twin towers the police and Mayor came out on live televission to say a simaler phrase. "Were not sure what to charge him with, but we are sure he broke some law" Ultimently, they didn't charge him with anything but had him agree to public performances in more appropriate areas and a promise to not perticipate in simaler activity.

This isn't the only precident for someone performing an action and the court system admiting it really wasn't prepared for htis type of law breaking so instead lets use him as a public example of why we need new laws and he can go on. If you think the two crimes are so different ignoring the fact that both encouraged copy cats and both could result in death.

Comment Re:Unchanging UIs? Not just for old people (Score 1) 288

Its like those silly icons on the top of a mac keyboard. I swear each one I get they are in a random new order for no reason! Or Android L changing what the Back button looks like to a triangle. I don't mind minor UI updates new colors shading, but stop moving things around for no reason or at least have a transition period over several iterations.

We need to get to a point where you have long term support on a given interface. Windows Classic Skin does ok with this, but applications need to support it as well. Update the default UI as you wish, but offer users the classic design as a fall back for stability.

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