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by IgnitusBoyone (#47469963) Attached to: Time Warner Turns Down Takeover Bid From Rupert Murdoch

This is really a mater of modern convention. Webster's has a good ask the editor video entry on the history of the two forms and how often they changed. Your likely right that most people are ignorantly using the wrong form, but like many things in our language its silly to get upset about it with out some sense of etymology.

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It took along time for females to compete in ski jumping at the Olympics. The international community in general needs to desegregate a lot of sports. Unless you can really show a sharp division between female and male participants over the history of the sport I feel they should have the opportunities to compete together. In addition if you can meet the qualifications and show no equivalent tournament exist you should be able to enlist.

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This is completely arbitrary. Your basically saying practicing in the sport makes you better at it, but only if I find that practice to be a physical activity.

You do become better at star craft from typing keys. You do this by running small practice runs and skirmishes.
You do become better at chess by moving pieces around the board, but you do it in practice runs or skirmishes. Hell some people play themselves. Which is no different then running a track and trying to beat your best times.

Additionally in all of these activities playing other similar activities helps you improve your performance such as similar games in the genre and non genre games with similar concepts and mechanics.

Sports has nothing to do with physical activity. It has to do with regulated competition with a general oversight and a community of people who wish to push the limits of previous performance. Oh, and in my opinion you have to be able to drink to it and bet on it.

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I fail to see the issue.
People have a very strange def of freedom of speech, which was originally intended to allow printed press to be delivered with out consequence or government oversight. The inability to legally fly drones does not prevent you from capturing footage by the commonly use news helicopters or placing your camera on a boom and pushing it over a fence.

This is like saying trespassing laws violate freedom of speech or maybe locks. I mean those pesky locks. What about all those barricades on military bases. Lets faces it nothing in our government provides you unlimited access to any place just because your curious. On the other hand its almost impossible to punish you for reporting on your random thoughts on what is behind those closed doors.

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That might not be stated as clearly as I wanted to present the argument. The point is the constitution is a set of enumerated powers. It clearly outlines what applies to which level of government and when there is a problem because of the 10th amendment it gets handed down not up. Several of the first 10 ammendments were protection given to the states from the power of the federal government. These protections were a kind of buy off agreement to get people to join in to a union which wasn't always popular among the state populace.

In the case of the first amendment it didn't always directly tie to the states. We latter changed that.

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I don't want to cause a stir, but its very important to site two amendments when applying the Federal Governments constitution to the State and lower governments. Most states have a section of their own constitution which repeats the bill or rights and there is a resin for this prior to the 14th amendment the Federal government did not have the right to apply the first amendment to the states since it clearly originally only applied to congress. Remember the bill of rights was designed to ensure the states that the new federal government would not override there current authority.

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I would expect the beta to last a little longer then a few days before giving up on it. However, they should stop the forced redirects. Those who want to shape it for a few more months can help mold it before another test.

My issue with the beta is that when I re-size my window 860x1080 1/2 Screen Width the entire UI goes away. While this is great for browsing comments its horrible for browsing the main page as it takes away all of the configuration options. I'm assuming that this alternate view is some sort of mobile solution, but that is a fairly big solution.

Personally, I never browse the web at full screen almost all web pages look better at around 1000px wide and I can generally side scroll to ignore address if I run at half of 1920. I think any modern UI design should consider what windows thinks of as dual page mode. Why waste all that real estate. I'm likely doing something besides browsing the web.


Greenland Repeals Radioactive Mining Ban 142

Posted by Soulskill
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An anonymous reader writes "According to the International Resource Journal, 'Greenland has voted to axe a long-enduring ban on mining for radioactive materials, reopening the market to uranium and rare earths mining. Yesterday's parliamentary vote passed the decision by a staggeringly close 15-14 votes. ... The ban has previously prevented the extraction of some major rare earth deposits, because they are connected to radioactive materials.' 95% of the world's rare-earth demand is currently supplied by China, but estimates indicate Greenland could produce enough to supply 25% of the demand. Greenland's Prime Minister said the decision was made because of financial reasons: 'We cannot live with unemployment and cost of living increases while our economy is at a standstill. It is therefore necessary that we eliminate zero tolerance towards uranium now.' Environmental groups, as you might expect, are not happy."

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I suggest reading on George C Parker, who actually managed to sale people stock for the broklen bridge when it was first built. He scammed people in to believing he would turn it in to toll bridge and they would get a piece of the take.

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Same could be said about the PS3, but once they took away the Other Os Option. It became a black box utility no different then a stereo. Computing power does not make it a "PC" It does make it a computer. I'm sure vogue is changing faster then I want to admit, but if you can't run a native compiler on it and write your own programs on the device it is more of a console (video game) then a PC ( IBM )

That being said, I realize how stupidly power my Ipad is, HTC evo are, but until I can write and compile my apps directly on them I can't consider them PCs. No reason these devices couldn't do this and maybe Android does, but at least by design they limit your ability to do so which makes them more equivilant to my dvd player or tv then my laptop (which I use to program for all four)

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