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Comment Re: Needless? (Score 2) 361

Not necessarily. Maybe thinking is the opposite of talking for you, but I frequently find that I get my best ideas bouncing them off of one or two other competent people, discussing the benefits and hazards of a few different approaches.

Now, once I have decided on the best idea, yes, leave me alone to write it up, but taking 10 minutes to make sure what I'm writing is the best approach is a far more efficient method in my book than saving those 10 minutes and writing up a worse plan.

Comment Re:So the guards are still getting paid? :) (Score 1) 608

Or, you know, have an emergency fund? I didn't realize there was no middle ground between independently wealthy and paycheck-to-paycheck. I wonder which one that makes me? I could probably go 5 or 6 years before I was unable to pay my bills, but I expect to live for another 60 years.

Comment Re:Wasting water (Score 1) 237

Yup, in many areas we do reuse our own wastewater. There are limits to it due to chemical compatibility with the waste already in the water and the salinity, but my Big Oil company uses a majority recycled water in about half our North America fields, and has evaluated it in all of them.

Comment Re:Fire water? (Score 1) 237

It is more effective in that it is the only way economically possible at any reasonable multiple of current gas prices. With pure water, you would pressure out your pumps long before you could fracture the formation. The friction pressure in the pipe would be 10x what it is with the chemicals. Even without the pressure you have to overcome at the bottom of the hole, I want you to imagine pumping 60 bpm (2520 gal/min) through a 3 mile long 4" ID pipe.

Comment Re:Badly! (Score 1) 207

Agreed. Oil and gas loves the military. In addition to the similarities you've mentioned, throw in experience making command decisions at 2am after being woken up from a dead sleep and understanding what it means to work safely in an environment where carelessness could get you or, worse, somebody else killed.

Comment Re:First (Score 3, Informative) 405

You do realize that people made road trips and had entertainment well before smart phones, tablets or even the Internet was invented, right?

You really will survive without it. Believe it or not, there was a time when there was no Internet at all! Yet, Human beings still made road trips, and raised their children without killing them. Even were capable of educating themselves.

I'm really not sure how the tablet your kid is staring at while you were focused on driving helped. You were focused on driving right? Or are you telling us that you are exactly the problem that needs correcting?

Amazingly enough, they allow women to drive, too, these days. Did it really never occur to you that maybe he was working while his wife drove, and the only other option was not to take the vacation at all? That's the only way I can read the GP.

Comment Re:Energy a bit more important than Beer (Score 2, Informative) 325

Umm.... no? Good cementing practices will seal off the freshwater aquifers. In some plays this is more difficult than in others, but it's nonsense to say that it can't be done right, only that many states are trying to regulate the wrong things to ensure that it is.

Comment Re:3 days (Score 3, Informative) 154

How is combusting methane better than combusting other hydrocarbons?

Apparently not what the gp meant, but combusting methane (CH4) is, in fact, better than ethane (C2H6), which is better than propane (C3H8), etc. As the chain gets longer, the ratio of C/H gets higher, resulting in more CO2 being released for the same amount of energy produced.

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