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Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 4, Insightful) 252

So is medical science not "real science" because we've had quite a few stories over the last few years that a ton of results from medical research and drug trials can't be reproduced.

A large percentage of medical studies are funded by manufacturers, and it's fairly well understood that most of those don't get published unless they produce the "right" results. And those that are published are often really "preliminary", based on too little data to be considered reliable. But if a test on 10 or 20 patients gives the "right" results, there is a lot of marketing pressure to get the paper published right away.

This easily explains the growing problem of medical products that are found to be worthless (or even harmful) to the patients, after years of heavy marketing has produced large profits.

There's also the age-old problem that studies with "negative" results usually don't get published at all. As usual, there's a good xkdc comic that explains the methodology in a way that even the minimally numerate reader can understand.

Comment Re:As it's been said, it is like bailing out a bat (Score 4, Interesting) 71

Actually, comments like yours are the kind of "media hype" they've been getting... It seems to consist of more unsupported criticism than anything else. And more to the point, all the criticisms have been soundly addressed, in a nice convenient list, LAST YEAR:


You'll find a lot of the crap you're spouting is already in there, and already debunked.

Comment Because it's terrible (Score 1) 413

This is often because in-car tech is terrible. The user interfaces often seem to be reminiscent of something knocked together for Windows CE in the mid 90s, they are often awkward and laggy and counterintuitive. And basically they are ossified to the car's manufacture date, and you have to pay through the nose for data updates. When I last changed my car, the car was 18 years old - would an in-car satnav/other tech still be supported 18 years after it came out?

All I want in a car today is this: some USB charging ports, some point on the vehicle interior that allows you to attach a tablet or phone holder, and a decent Bluetooth implementation. It's far easier to update my phone or tablet than anything actually built into a car, and I can also take it with me and use it in a rental vehicle, on my bicycle, in my house etc.

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 193

Jesus. Sometimes "on the plane" means you're on a fucking plane, and can't do some things.

I can see where the confusion comes from... Packed-in together with a bunch of people, an extremely noisy environment. Hell, an airplane is a slight improvement over many office spaces. And if you couldn't be engrossed with work, you might have to think about how you've crammed-in a noisy metal tube like sardines, with no personal space, no leg-room, no comfort to speak of at all.

And don't call me "Jesus".

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 193

VNC is an essential part of my job, in that I cannot run the sims on a puny IT issued laptop, and need my desktop

VNC sucks. You'd get vastly better performance out of ANY OTHER remote display protocol... Try NX, Citrix, or RDP if you must, but get rid of VNC if at all possible.

VNC is useful on KVMs and other dumb devices that don't have any idea what they're going to display, but locally, on a computer, it makes no sense unless nothing better is available.

Comment Re:it was the McCarthy era (Score 1) 282

Or maybe we could take a more general look, and observe that pretty much all fiction is intended to induce emotional responses in the readers. We have a number of words for fiction that doesn't do that: boring, weak, forgettable, etc., none of them words of praise.

Can you think of any work of fiction that you've liked, that doesn't clearly be aimed at instilling emotions, attitudes, and other such reaction in the readers? Offhand, I can't think of any. (But I suppose I could have missed a few important works of literature. ;-)

And can you think of any important work of fiction that doesn't cast at least a few ruling-class characters in a bad light? There's gotta be a few of them out there ...

Comment How about some common ones ... (Score 2) 95

I've read a number of comments about all the movies that let you know you're in Paris by the fact that you can see the Eiffel Tower through a window. After a while, some viewers start to realize that in the movie's world, the Eiffel Tower is visible from every window in Paris. So is there really a regulation in Paris saying that windows are illegal on the other sides of buildings?

Other readers can probably list a number of other such landmarks that they've spotted. The Golden Gate Bridge is another, so SF apparently has a similar construction regulation.

Comment Re:nerd news? (Score 1) 468

Yes, because everyone knows that war didn't exist until the United States was created....

The US has done plenty of stupid things, but war has always existed and always will. The US is the whipping boy only because it is the biggest. Go look at the atrocities committed by Russia, Japan and Germany (and others) over the last 100 years, then see see how much you still cry about America. There are plenty of crimes to go around, saying America is the "worst" just shows you don't know how to crack open a history book.

Comment Re:"In recent years" ? (Score 1) 242

It's not unique to programming. It's everywhere. Good looking young fresh faces sell newspapers and magazines, the older face of experience does not. For instance, take music - predominantly young acts are promoted, and older acts that are making new music that's arguably better are ignored. See the headline "21 year old entrepreneur starts X business" - but never see the headline "50 year old entrepreneur starts X business" etc. The obsession with youth is human nature, not something unique to the computer world.

Comment Re:Assholes! (Score 1) 188

They are probably not messing with the cell service, it's probably that there are so many people hitting the same cell tower that you're just running out of bandwidth.

I've seen it happen at Event City in Manchester, the quality of your cell connection is inversely proportional to the amount of people attending.

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