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Comment Re:Climate has never not been changing. (Score 1) 369

All those articles mentioned are actually just blog posts. The article hopes you will lose interest and not actually look those papers up in your closest university library. Because they will not be there.

The link you posted has been analyzed and shredded to pieces already, so please update your bookmarks:

Comment Re:Speechless (Score 2) 291

Gather around, kids, and hear the story about the time, before 1987, when News actually meant something special...

Fairness Doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Though even when it was around, the News did not seem a whole lot different. There was still censorship and bias in the choice of which stories to run, and the editors decided how to frame the "multiple perspectives" on a single story. Which is kind of incredible, if you think about it.

Comment Re:An offhand tweet (Score 1) 119

Thanks for posting that.

I was thinking today, listening even to NPR is really distracting. What gets sold for news these days should be called "machine gun journalism". The solution is to listen to national news only when it affects you personally, which is probably on average about once a year. Listen to local stations that inform people (not editorialize) about local issues. The SAME issues until they either stagnate or change. Of course, nothing like that exists any more in the United States. It was back in the 1980's that the FCC struck down the Fairness Doctrine.

Comment Re:Nonsensical Title (Score 1) 735

Temperatures are measured across the globe and they are all averaged together. Over the past couple of decades, this number has been trending upward, just like measurements of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere have been trending upward.

Any other questions that Google could have easily answered for you? Maybe put in a little effort to show that you are not trolling?

Comment Re:Who measured in pre-industrial times? (Score 1) 735

I understand where you're coming from, I like the predictable nature of math and logic too. The problem with the physical world is that we can't measure everything to provide a precise answer; we might get a few significant digits at best. To get full mathematical precision, we would need to measure what's going on over the entire planet at a microscopic scale, which is not only unrealistic, but we'd probably interfere with the Earth's processes if we tried. Plus, CO2 is not the only, single factor; the atmosphere is composed of an incredible array of gases. Plus, the Earth's atmosphere is leaky in ways that we don't fully understand. Plus, cloud cover can change the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the ground and the atmosphere, and cloud cover is extraordinarily hard to predict or model.

The best analogy I can offer is that no matter how hard we try, the picture will always be slightly out-of-focus. This doesn't make the resulting picture useless. It's in focus enough to see important relationships. Here is a paper that goes a little deeper into the relationship between CO2 and global average temperature:

Comment Re:Who measured in pre-industrial times? (Score 1) 735

There's an overwhelming amount of evidence. Look again at the NASA link in my original post. Many scientific observations are tied together into a coherent picture. It's spelled out there pretty clearly, in simple English, with references if you want to dig deeper. If you want to dispute what's presented there, please provide details in your reply.

Are we really 100% completely sure that the reason is humans and that it could have been avoided?

Do you have any training in science? Because it's not designed to offer indisputable proof. I can't prove indisputably that you are being serious. I don't expect to ever have 100% proof of that.

Comment Re:Who measured in pre-industrial times? (Score 3, Insightful) 735

Scientists? Which Scientists? What equipment did they use. Where is their raw data collected from pre-industrial times?

Answer: there isn't any. You are lying. The claim isn't being made through measurements from the pre-industrial age. It is arrived at by MODELING. More misleading crap.

Really? Here is a graph you should really have a look at. Ice core samples show that CO2 levels have not been at current levels in the past 650,000 years.

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