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Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 1) 667

Thanks for those links; I had to scroll way down the page to find any attempt to back up the claims of militant Political Correctness.

It's a clickbait issue that creates a lot of divisive discussion. I would suspect that for every clickbait story focusing on PC intolerance, there are dozens or hundreds of incidents where no attempt is made for one side to shut down the free speech of the other side.

The term "PC" was something I first heard in the late 1980's on my college campus. It was used as an attack word by conservatives who seemed too thin-skinned to handle listening to views that differed from their own. It seems like just another example of a classic conservative tactic: take an issue where you want to avoid debate because you're vulnerable on that point, and levy it as a pre-emptive attack against others.

As one notable counterexample, and possible counterbalance to these stories, here is a link to a campus preacher "Brother Jeb" who has been yelling at college students for at least 25 years for being "sinners" and "sexual perverts". If someone has forced him off campus in those past 25 years because they didn't like what he said, then I'm not aware of it.

Comment Re:no need for crowdfunding (Score 1) 285

Do a little research, like watch this documentary:

Health care professionals in Britain, France, and other countries are not slaves. They are not living in giant mansions, but they live quite comfortably.

And please, stop your spewing of statements with nothing backing them up. It gives the impression you hate your life or haven't grown up yet.

Comment Faith in the System at risk? (Score 1) 138

When I heard about high speed trading taking over the NYSE, I thought, "Time to look for a safer market for the small-time investor", since of course I can't compete with algorithms making thousands of trades per second. Of course I have a 401(K), which means I'm an indirect investor in the NYSE, but it's the only reasonable option my employer is offering me.

I don't know if I really have a choice any more; I don't know if there are any safer markets, where there is a limit to the transaction rate, or if as a U.S. citizen I have easy access to them. Perhaps no such markets exist any more, since there is inherent pressure for markets to compete in the short term by resorting to the same measures used by other "successful" markets (successful in the short term).

Comment Re:My favorite quote (Score 1) 76

Recursion and the lambda calculus, and the use of it in A.I. in languages such as LISP has been around nearly as long as computers have. So no, Hofstadter is not the guy I think of when it comes to recursion.

I think of John McCarthy first:

But I do like Hostader's book "Goedel, Escher, Bach"; he had a gift in making abstract concepts such as recursion more easily understandable without watering them down too much:

Comment Re:I'm Skeptical (Score 1) 176

Oddly enough, I have had to check that box repeatedly over the past few months. I use the latest version of Chrome.

Another oddity: APB still reports that it is filtering out some ads on Slashdot. Searching Google did not help me figure out how to view the logs for APB, so I can't report what is being filtered.

Comment Re:Paper rockets (Score 0) 155

The problem is not a particular president or a particular Congress. It's the fact that space missions have, somehow, become politicized.

A central question within the political debate is: "why send people on long-term missions at all?" Astronauts and companies building capsules for people don't want us thinking too hard about that question.

If we want to explore outer worlds to learn more about them, the logical and financially viable answer is to send out autonomous robots engineered for outer space. People are simply not designed to be outside of the Earth's atmosphere or in zero G, or away from an incredibly complex biosphere that gives us food, water, and microorganisms that help us live.

It's time we realize that every space drama we have seen on TV is fiction, created in 1G gravity.

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